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28 Nov 2007
Finding BorderManager Licenses After an Upgrade
This tip from Craig Johnson explains how to improve the way your BorderManager installation locates and displays its licenses.

17 Oct 2007
BorderManager Migration Tips
Craig Johnson shares a few handy tips for migrating BorderManager from version 3.8 to 3.9.

03 Oct 2007
Bypassing Authentication for Remote Users in BorderManager
This tip from Craig Johnson explains ways you can bypass authentication for remote users in BorderManager, connecting directly to target sites.

26 Sep 2007
Blocking Sub-Domain Access in BorderManager
Craig Johnson shares some advice about blocking access to sub-domains, using access rules and wildcards.

19 Sep 2007
Upgrading from BorderManager 3.6
If you're planning to upgrade your BorderManager from version 3.6, this tip from Craig Johnson will clear up a few issues.

27 Jun 2007
Finding Missing NBM Filters after Upgrades
Craig Johnson explains what to do when you lose BorderManager filters after an upgrade to NetWare or NBM.

04 Apr 2007
Load Balancing and Performance with BorderManager
Craig Johnson explains some basic concepts about load balancing and increasing performance with BorderManager systems.

28 Mar 2007
Backing Up Third-Party Rules
Here's a tip that helps you save third-party rules in BorderManager, courtesy of Craig Johnson.

14 Mar 2007
Troubleshooting Audit Logs
BorderManager expert Craig Johnson shares some helpful troubleshooting tips for CSAUDIT and Audit Logs.

06 Dec 2006
Troubleshooting License Errors on NBM
BorderManager expert Craig Johnson explains how to delay BorderManager startup just enough to let licensing services fully initialize.

06 Sep 2006
Dual-Server BorderManager Setups
Craig Johnson shares several scenarios for using dual servers in a BorderManager setup.

06 Sep 2006
Troubleshooting CLNTRUST on Linux
BorderManager expert Craig Johnson shares a few tips on getting CLNTRUST running smoothly on Linux.

05 Jul 2006
Solving the BorderManager *No Matching Scanner* Error
Here are some tips on getting the BorderManager Content Scanning feature working properly, courtesy of Craig Johnson.

03 Nov 2005
Tips on Cache Volume for BorderManager
BorderManager guru Craig Johnson lends some helpful tips on getting the best performance from your cache volume.

28 Sep 2005
Linux Authentication in BorderManager
Here are some practical suggestions from BorderManager expert Craig Johnson on authenticating to BorderManager via SUSE Linux.

31 Aug 2005
Moving BorderManager Servers
BorderManager expert Craig Johnson shares some timely tips about moving a dedicated NBM server to another context.

30 Jun 2005
Protecting your Filters
BorderManager guru Craig Johnson contributes a short and sweet article on how to protect your NBM filters in an eDirectory environment.

26 May 2005
Getting BorderManager (NetWare) to Work with Bridged Internet Connections
Craig Johnson had an ongoing problem with NetWare servers connected to bridged Internet connections not being able to work with secondary IP addresses. The primary address was fine, but you could not access any secondary IP address bound to the network card. He figured out what was happening, and shares it with you.

26 Apr 2005
Blocking Google Image Search
Schools (typically) want to block pornographic, risque and just plain 'sexy pictures' from students browsing through BorderManager HTTP Proxy. Using products like SurfControl, you can block many, many URL's, but there has been a long-standing issue with Google Image search being a way for kids to look at pictures which administrators want to block. Craig Johnson offers a great solution.

18 Sep 2003
Running Novell BorderManager on Novell Cluster Services
Don't miss this great new AppNote, which discusses the use of Novell BorderManager Proxy and Firewall services in a clustered environment.

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