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Kevin Millecam
Partner, WebWise Solutions, LLC

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A Bit About Kevin

Kevin is a partner at WebWise Solutions, a Web marketing and communications company that specializes in building and maintaining customer communities. When just a lad, he worked for Novell in a variety of marketing roles. A few of his first projects included writing the brochures for NetWare 386 and SFT NetWare. (One wonders if there was television back then?)

The Complete Works of Kevin

28 Mar 2005
Exploring MySQL 4.1 and PHP 5 on SUSE Linux
Cool Solution's own Kevin Millecam stumbled across this painless way to check out the latest offerings from MySQL, PHP and countless other cutting-edge releases.

25 Jan 2005
Installing Pure-FTPd on SUSE Linux Professional
Pure-FTPd is a free, secure, production-quality and standard-conformant FTP server based on Troll-FTPd. It provides simple answers to common needs, plus unique useful features for personal users as well as hosting providers. Follow along as Cool Solutions' Kevin Millecam takes his SUSE box up a notch by adding this FTP server to the mix.

01 Jan 2005
Installing Apache, PHP, and MySQL on SUSE Linux Professional
Cool Solutions' own Kevin Millecam jumped in the deep end of the Linux pool, and lived to tell about it. If you're a neophyte, this is essential reading. If you're a Linux expert, we'd love to hear anything you'd care to add.

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