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Adam Bradley

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02 Aug 2007
IDM Status Monitor v1.1
At a glance, allows you to see the current status of any and all of your IDM drivers.

11 Apr 2007
Cross-platform (Java) Universal Password Retrieval Utility
Here's a handy utility that stores UP user and password information in an output file before you make that major upgrade, courtesy of Adam Bradley.

26 Jul 2006
Monitoring IDM, Using Nagios for Windows
Adam Bradley shares a solution for configuring Nagios with Identity Manager, complete with a sample policy and script.

26 Jul 2006
Outputting HTML from Designer
Here's a nifty way to get Designer output into HTML format, courtesy of Adam Bradley.

12 Jul 2006
Displaying HTML Code in eGuide
Adam Bradley shares his UI handler code that helps you display HTML-formatted text in eGuide.

08 Jul 2002
Using the DOS Client with IP and NetWare 6
Adam Bradley helps a manufacturing customer get a little more mileage out of the DOS machines that keep their work flowing.

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