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30 May 2001
How to run a ZENworks Application Once (and only Once) Per Day
Craig Wilson shares this great trick: how to create an application that runs once a day per user or once a day per machine.

22 Nov 2000
ZEN 3: Install on Demand Software
Install-On-Demand software has always been a nice feature of ZENworks. The idea of Install-On-Demand is that the user gets the software when he needs it as simply as possible. This is normally done via ZENworks by displaying an icon to install the software or an icon to both install and run the software. This can be taken one step further to allow the software to be automatically installed anytime a user tries to open any document that needs the software.

19 Nov 1999
Create Home Directories with Long Filenames
Longer filenames for home directories are now just a login script away. Find out how, with some tips from reader Craig Wilson.

21 Jul 1999
Granting NT Admin Authority to Users
Craig Wilson from the US Navy offers this creative approach to letting other people do admin tasks on a locked-down NT workstation. The kicker? His method lets them do their tasks whenever they jolly well feel like it, not at a specific time using workstation manager. Which is apparently an important edge in an organization like Craig's, where Rank Hath Brig-throwing Privileges. Here's what he does.

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