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A Bit About Dave

Dave has been working with Novell products for six years. He has done some GroupWise version upgrades on GroupWise systems (GW 5.5, 6.x and 7.x), BorderManager, and ZfD 3, 4, 6 and 7. He passed his CNE6 in April 2005, and would now like to learn a lot more about OES Linux. He works in a hospital in the Netherlands as a Novell administrator.

The Complete Works of Dave

27 Nov 2007
Restoring GroupWise E-mails and Accounts
Dave Simons provides a step-by step approach for restoring e-mails or GroupWise e-mail accounts.

25 Oct 2007
How to Install and Configure VMware on SLED
Dave Simons shares a step-by-step guide on how to install a VMware server on SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop.

21 Aug 2007
Installing GroupWise Mobile Server (GMS)
Dave Simons shares a step-by-step approach for getting GroupWise Mobile Server installed on a Windows 2000 server.

14 Aug 2007
Installing and Configuring GroupWise Messenger on OES
Dave Simons shares a step-by-step guide for installing and using GW Messenger on OES Linux.

10 Jul 2007
Setting Up LDAP Authentication on a GroupWise System
Dave Simons explains the step-by-step process for getting LDAP authentication set up and working with a GroupWise post office.

05 Jul 2007
Multiple-Entry Fields and AD Synchronization
This tip from Dave Simons solves a common AD syncronization problem with multiple-entry fields.

03 Jul 2007
Creating Reusable Vacation Rules
Here's a refresher tip from Dave Simons to help you get your GroupWise vacation rules ready for the summer ...

19 Jun 2007
GroupWise Unload Script
Dave Simons shares a handy script that unloads GroupWise before a scheduled backup is done.

13 Jun 2007
Getting iManager Plug-ins to Show Up in OES Linux Server
Can't find the iManager plug-in modules that you need to install? Dave Simons has a workaround that gets their link to show up properly.

25 Apr 2007
Using Novell Remote Manager on OES Linux and OES NetWare Servers
Dave Simons shows you how to use Novell Remote Manager on OES Linux and OES NetWare Servers.

18 Apr 2007
Using OpenSSH to Manage Your Novell OES Server Remotely
Dave Simons explains how to use OpenSSH to securely manage your OES server from a remote site.

13 Apr 2007
Configure NTP in your OES Network
Dave Simons explains how to configure your OES Linux server to be a NTP Time Provider in a mixed OES Linux/NetWare server environment.

27 Mar 2007
Synchronizing GroupWise Information for New BlackBerry Users
Having trouble synchronizing GroupWise data for a new BlackBerry user? Dave Simons walks us through a GroupWise solution to the problem.

20 Mar 2007
Seeing All Users on a Printed E-Mail
If you need to see all the recipients of an e-mail on the printout (not just the first few users), this tip from Dave Simons should help ...

14 Mar 2007
Listing Home Directories for Deleted Users
Forget to delete a Home Directory when you delete a user? Here's a tip from Dave Simons that helps you find those extra directories so you can delete them, too.

28 Feb 2007
iManager as a Help Desk Tool
This AppNote from Dave Simons describes how you can use iManager in a help desk setting, without granting full eDirectory rights to a temporary worker.

28 Feb 2007
eGuide as a Help Desk Tool
In this AppNote, Dave Simons explains how Novell eGuide can wear a second hat - as an effective help desk application.

21 Feb 2007
eGuide as a Company Address Book
Dave Simons shares a step-by-step process for installing and using eGuide as your company address book.

14 Feb 2007
Installing eDirectory on OES Linux
Making the transition to OES Linux is a little easier, thanks to this AppNote on installing eDirectory on OES, by Dave Simons.

09 Feb 2007
Installing a Second OES Linux Server into Existing eDirectory Tree
Dave Simons explains how to add a second OES Linux server into your existing eDirectory Tree.

07 Feb 2007
Synchronizing GroupWise and eDirectory Passwords via IDM
In this AppNote, Dave Simons walks us through the steps for installing the GroupWise Driver for IDM and synching an eDirectory Password with a GroupWise account.

31 Jan 2007
Changing Default Policies in Identity Manager
Dave Simons explains how to get your default Identity Manager polices set up the way you like, so you can get immediate user synchronization.

17 Jan 2007
IDM Password Synch with eDirectory and AD
In this AppNote, Dave Simons outlines the tasks for getting Password Synch working between eDirectory and Microsoft AD, using Novell Identity Manager.

11 Jan 2007
How to Install Novell Cluster Services on OES Linux
In this AppNote, Dave Simons explains how to install NCS on OES Linux and how to create a shared storage disk to save data on your Novell Cluster.

10 Jan 2007
IDM Synchronization between eDirectory and AD
In this AppNote, Dave Simons explains how to set up and configure Novell Identity Manager 3.0.1 for user synchronization between Novell eDirectory and Micosoft Active Directory.

05 Jan 2007
How to Setup and Configure Apache Web Server in SLES 10
Dave Simons explains how to setup and configure the Apache Web server in SLES 10.

19 Dec 2006
Installing GWIA on OES Linux
Dave Simons explains how to install GroupWise Internet Agent (GWIA) on an OES Linux Server, complete with steps and screen shots.

15 Dec 2006
Creating Software RAID Configurations in SLES 10
Dave Simons explains how to create a Software RAID configuration in SLES 10.

14 Dec 2006
Installing Pure-FTPd on SLES 10
Dave Simons explains how to install Pure-FTPd on SUSE Linux Enterprise 10.

12 Dec 2006
Installing GroupWise WebAccess 7 on OES Linux Server
This AppNote from Dave Simons walks you through the installation steps for getting WebAccess up and running on OES. Enjoy!

05 Dec 2006
Getting More Calendar Space
Need more Week View space in your GroupWise calendar? Dave Simons shows you how ...

28 Nov 2006
Installing GroupWise 7 on OES Linux
Dave Simons shares a step-by-step process for setting up GroupWise on a default OES Linux server, including status checks for GroupWise Agents.

28 Nov 2006
Getting E-Mail Notifications from Proxy Users
Here's a tip that helps you get notifications when one of your proxy users gets an e-mail, courtesy of Dave Simons.

28 Nov 2006
Enabling Proxy Users to Select "Read Later"
Dave Simons has a simple tip for allowing proxy users to use the "read later" feature when they are using a manager's mailbox.

21 Nov 2006
Keeping Appointments while Cleaning Out Sent Items
Dave Simons explains how to avoid losing your sent appointments when you delete entries in the Sent Items folder.

17 Nov 2006
Send Attachment Script
Send mail and attachment from server console; handy to use for sending logfiles.

14 Nov 2006
Using an Alternate Port for WebAccess Login
Dave Simons explains why the default port for the WebAccess page may not be your most secure option - and what you can do about it.

09 Nov 2006
Dutch Email Notify
Send mail to admin when user password is to expire.

03 Nov 2006
Solving Domain Database Access Errors
Dave Simons has a solution for a database error that can occur when you try to connect to a secondary GroupWise domain on a OES Linux server.

09 Aug 2006
Avoiding BorderManager Bind Errors
Dave Simons shares a tip on avoiding Bind Error 48 on BorderManager when upgrading from NetWare 6 to NetWare 6.5.

23 May 2006
Creating a Default Password for GroupWise Accounts
Cool Solutions reader Dave Simons shares a simple solution for making the task of creating new GroupWise accounts easier.

20 Dec 2005
Setting up POP3 and IMAP4
If you're having trouble setting up POP3 and IMAP4 on your GroupWise system, this little tip from Dave Simons might be just the answer.

05 Oct 2005
Seeing System Messages in your Preferred Language
Dutch reader Dave Simons found it annoying to see English messages for such things as letting him know when another user had opened his email. He explains where you go to switch it to Dutch (or whatever language you prefer).

17 Apr 2003
Enabling Internet Addressing
Here's how to enable Internet Addressing in GroupWise 6.

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