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07 Nov 2006
Compiling Modules for ZENworks for Desktops Imaging Environment with VMWare Virtual Machine
From Jeremy Mlazovsky comes this excellent new solution that he created in response to frequent requests in the Support Forums. Check out this pre-configured VMWare virtual machine which can be downloaded and used to compile modules for the ZENworks for Desktops 7.00 SP1 Imaging environment. This is a dandy! Thanks, Jeremy.

17 Apr 2006
Building and Deploying Windows Images using ZENworks Imaging
Looking for an automated process for building drive images, without having to purchase a 3rd-party product? Check out this very promising open source project -- and lend a hand if you can.

10 Feb 2006
Helping ZENworks Differentiate between Windows XP and XP Tablet
Jeremy Mlazovsky explains his nifty script that lets you deploy apps specifically to Windows XP or XP Tablet Edition.

28 Oct 2005
Allow Users to Install USB Jump Drives
Grant Users and Power Users the ability to install USB mass storage devices.

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