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21 Jul 2005
Adding RSS News feeds to Virtual Office
There are a lot of RSS News feeds out there that are a great source of information. Here is how you serve them up with Virtual Office 1.5+.

14 Jul 2005
Configuring Virtual Office to let Users Login with their Email Addresses
Some companies want to allow their users log into corporate applications using their email addresses. Here's how you set that up for Virtual Office.

01 Apr 2005
Changing the Virtual Office team file store location without using CIFS
A number of people have asked about configuring the team file store location. This article by Novell Engineer Daniel Shelley describes how to configure it correctly as well as how to use an undocumented feature to move the team file store to a different, local location without using CIFS.

16 Mar 2005
Enable/Disable the Chat Gadget in Virtual Office (Updated for Open Enterprise Server)
Versions of Virtual Office released after NetWare 6.5 SP1 are shipped with the Chat gadget disabled, including the NLS and OES releases of Virtual Office. Earlier releases of Virtual Office shipped with the Chat gadget enabled. Daniel Shelley explains how to adjust it to your liking.

05 Oct 2000
ZENworks Mania - NSBS 5.1 uses ZEN Objects
For those of you that have installed NSBS 5.1, you may have noticed that we went a little overboard creating ZEN Objects. The good news is that you can always delete them using NWAdmin if you don't want to use them, and they are not cluttering up your NDS tree since we put them in a container (NSBSAPPS).

12 Sep 2000
Isn't that NEAT! -- Changing the default format of a user's login name for NEAT
Someone once asked if NEAT (Novell Easy Administration Tool) had the ability to utilize different formats when creating the login name. It is undocumented, but in NSBS 5.1 you can.

17 Jul 2000
Use ZEN Objects with NSBS 5.1.

23 Jun 2000
Distributing Virus Scan Updates with the NSBS Software Distributor
The NSBS Software Distributor in NEAT is a simple way to distribute a variety of applications using ZENworks technology. One of the most common uses people have for this is distributing Virus Scan software.

10 Mar 2000
NICE Updates
Several readers have reported some problems using NICE with a custom install, or when trying to use modems that aren't part of the default assortment shipped with NetWare. Well, check this out.

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