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06 Apr 2000
Quick Remote Actions 2
Fast access to the Remote Management features of ZENworks.

08 Mar 2000
Conditional Application Distribution using Fault Tolerance
Novell's Application Launcher software contains a flexible solution for handling distribution problems through its Fault Tolerance features. Here is why and how the Fault Tolerance feature can be helpful in other situations, too

03 Nov 1999
Performing ZENworks Remote Management Based on Usernames
After playing around a few times with ZENworks 1.0 Full Release, shortly after its release, I quickly thought it would be very practical to have faster access to Remote Control by performing this new function based on usernames instead of workstation names. It took me a while (ZENworks 2 was already released) to start working on a self-made solution. Now that I've taken up the challenge, I'm able to proudly present my new-born tool: Quick Remote Actions.

18 Aug 1999
How to make use of Multi-valued Property Fields
There's a faster way to deal with multi-valued properties - check out the user template solution.

25 Jun 1999
Associating apps with specific workstations using ZEN 1.1
Frequent-contributor Daniel Stricharz, our very creative ZEN guru from the Faculty of Law, University of Wuerzburg, Germany, sent this excellent solution that shows you how to use pre-launch scripts to associate applications to workstations. Even though this functionality is available in the ZEN 2 release, Daniel's tool will let you do it using ZEN 1.1, so you can have this convenience before you are able to upgrade. This guy is certifiably cool.

25 May 1999
Send messages to your users out of login scripts or NAL scripts. Runs on Win 95 and WinNT 4.0.

19 May 1999
Find Articles Fast in Novell's Knowledgebase
Using the QuickTID tool can help you get to the bottom of your TID search faster and easier.

11 May 1999
Launch URLs, files, or directories through Novell Application Launcher (NAL).

11 May 1999
QuickTID 1.01
Quick access to TIDs without opening a Web browser.

04 May 1999
Distributing URLs and Documents with ZENworks App Launcher
The main purpose of the ZENworks Application Launcher is to let you distribute applications from a central point and relieve the network personnel from the burden of visiting each workstation. But why not use Application Launcher to easily distribute information over your network? It seemed obvious to me that the Application Launcher should serve as storage for links to URLs and, for example, to PDF files. But instead of delivering documents through delivered applications, I wanted to distribute web documents directly.

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