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A Bit About Danita

Danita is a consultant for Caledonia Network Consulting, a GroupWise Consulting firm in the Denver, Colorado area. She has worked with NetWare and GroupWise since 1989. A CNE-GW4 and CNE-GW5, Danita is the author of many GroupWise books and articles, and has been a speaker at Novell's TechShare and BrainShare and Advisor Media's GroupWise Advisor Summit.

The Complete Works of Danita

04 Dec 2007
Solving QuickFinder Index Problems
Is your Find function not finding? Danita Zanre shares some advice for troubleshooting indexing problems with QuickFinder.

23 Oct 2007
Setting Up Spam Filter Accounts
Danita Zanre shares a few steps for configuring spam filter accounts for GroupWise systems.

23 Oct 2007
Messages Read - or Not Read
Danita Zanre explains a few good ways to find out why a message that has actually been read is still showing up as "unread."

25 Sep 2007
Creating Multiple Aliases for Users in GWIA
Danita Zanre shares a simple tip for allowing more than one alias per GWIA user.

28 Aug 2007
Getting GWIA Tabs to Display Properly
Danita Zanre explains how to deal with those finicky GWIA tabs in ConsoleOne.

21 Aug 2007
Expiring vs. Deleting GroupWise Items
What's the difference between expiring and delting items in GroupWise? Danita Zanre sheds some light on the subject ...

10 Jul 2007
Repeating Birthday Function in GroupWise
Danita Zanre shows us how to make birthdays behave, with this handy tip for repeating birthdays on your GroupWise calendar.

26 Jun 2007
Restoring Single Address Books and Calendars
Danita Zanre shares a simple method for restoring single address books and calendars of GroupWise users.

08 May 2007
Caledonia Spring Sale - and Danita's Blog
Find out what's cooking at Caledonia! GroupWise expert Danita Zanre has some interesting things in store ...

08 May 2007
Dealing with Certificate Problems on the Palm Treo
Here's some troubleshooting advice from Danita Zanre that will help you avoid certificate problems with Treo Palms using WebAccess.

27 Feb 2007
Changing User Domains on a Per-Message Basis
Here's a workaround from Danita Zanre that helps you change a user's domain, message by message.

23 Jan 2007
The Push and Poll of GMS
Danita Zanre clears up the picture on the differences between SMS and network push, and polling intervals for GMS devices.

21 Nov 2006
Troubleshooting Missing Appointments
Danita Zanre sheds some light on a strange case of appointments that go missing or incorrect from a particular user.

14 Nov 2006
Running Multiple Dot-Coms on the Same GroupWise System
Danita Zanre shares her ideas on getting multiple dot-coms to cooperate on a single GroupWise system.

03 Oct 2006
Synchronizing GroupWise and IMS (Intellisync Mobile Suite)
Danita Zanre shares the steps to follow to get GroupWise and IMS properly synchronized.

29 Aug 2006
Setting Up GMS with Multiple POAs
Can GMS work on multiple POAs? You bet - and GroupWise expert Danita Zanre gets you started with some practical tips.

22 Aug 2006
Ports for GroupWise Mobile Server, without Secure Gateway
Danita Zanre gives up the inside scoop on which ports you need to open and use, when you're not using the Secure Gateway for GroupWise Mobile Server.

16 May 2006
From Random IDs to First-Name-Last-Name
Danita Zanre shares an easy way to get user IDs into first-name, last-name format, even if they are currently based on random IDs.

11 Apr 2006
Adding a GroupWise Secondary Domain on Linux
GroupWise guru Danita Zanre explains how to add a GroupWise secondary domain on Linux.

04 Apr 2006
Automating Private Sub-Calendars
GroupWise guru Danita Zanre has a simple but effective way to automate the setup of private sub-calendars.

31 Mar 2005
All Timezones Are Not Created Equal
If your calendars seem to be jostling appointments around at daylight savings boundaries, double check your timezone designations! Danita Zanre tells all.

27 Jan 2005
I Want Notify (for GroupWise Cross-Platform Client)
The Cross-Platform Client for GroupWise (Linux and Mac) does not yet have a native Notify program. And for those of us who have been using GroupWise for a long time, we have found that living without Notify is almost as bad as the thought of living without GroupWise itself! Learn how to get Notification of GroupWise mail on your Linux desktop in this article by Danita Zanre.

16 Dec 2004
Smooth Mooves: GroupWise 6.5 Transitioning to Linux
Don't miss this new article in Novell Connection magazine. Danita Zanre shows you how to move existing GroupWise components to Linux safely and painlessly.

20 Nov 2003
Success with GroupWise Document Management
Updated with Part 2: Baffled by GroupWise Doc Management? Join the club. It's a chronically misunderstood part of GroupWise, and here's your chance get to know it better. Gregg Hinchman and Danita Zanre have written a new book about it, and have graciously allowed us to publish Chapter 4. This chapter discusses the best way to plan and design DMS so it will work for you.

05 Jun 2003
Power to the People
User productivity and time saved doing routine and standard tasks can provide a tremendous savings to organizations concerned with the TCO of GroupWise. In this Novell Connection Magazine article, Danita Zanre takes a look at some of the new GroupWise 6.5 Client features that can help improve your end-users' productivity--and thus decrease your TCO.

02 Apr 2003
GroupWise 6.5 Upgrade Guide - Quick Review
Tay Kratzer, Danita Zanre and Eric Raff have just released a new GroupWise 6.5 Upgrade guide. This guide provides you with step-by-step procedures to help make your upgrade from prior versions seem almost effortless.

27 Mar 2003
Using Find Results Folders for Document Management
GroupWise expert Danita Zanrè explains how to use the Find Results Folder as a means of keeping your documents handy without cluttering up your mailbox.

18 Sep 2002
Freshly Updated: The GroupWise 6 Upgrade Guide
Heads up: GroupWise experts Tay Kratzer and Danita Zanre have updated their GroupWise 6 Upgrade Guide to include information specific to GroupWise 6, Support Pack 2. We have been given permission to publish Chapter 6 here on Cool Solutions for you. Chapter 6 contains exclusive information about SETUPIP that isn't published anywhere else. So don't miss it!

22 Apr 2002
GroupWise WebAccess & Wireless User's Guide
Just what you've been asking for. The GroupWise geniuses at Caledonia (Tay Kratzer and Danita Zanrè) have created the ultimate GroupWise WebAccess & Wireless User's Guide. And get this - you buy a site license for it, so everyone in your GroupWise system can use it. Find out more.

07 Feb 2002
Virus Protection for GroupWise
In this Novell Connection article, GroupWise experts Tay Kratzer and Danita Zanré explain how to protect your company's GroupWise system from being infiltrated by dangerous viruses. Find out more.

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