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03 Jun 1999
More Address Book Stuff
So you thought you knew everything about the GroupWise Address Book? Well, there's more, lots more.

01 Jun 1999
Address Book: What a Concept!
Until GroupWise 5, the Address Book was just that: an address book. One. Uno. Singular. Beginning with GroupWise 5 though, the Address Book is more than just a single book: it's a concept. It's a concept of easier access to the addresses you use most often and customization that is light years beyond the 4.1-level Address Book.

01 Jun 1999
The Searchers
Today, we have all become searchers for that needle of crucial information in an electronic haystack of information overload. This article will help you become a successful searcher-- a spelunker of the virtual catacombs of mailboxes, folders, and document libraries.

21 Apr 1999
Internet Addressing Made Easy
Internet Addressing is a mystery. We?re here to unravel it for you.

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