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10 Feb 2003
Novell's Gillette Tactic?
Dave Kearns writes in his Network World Newsletter that Novell's tactic of giving away eDirectory in order to sell more directory-enabled applications may just be working.

11 Sep 2002
NetVision Updates Monitoring Tools
Novell Sysop and Network World columnist, Dave Kearns, takes a look at a couple of updated offerings from NetVision -- ServerAlert and Directory Alert.

22 Jul 2002
Limiting Access to Console Resources
Dave Kearns carries a tool on his belt that every NetWare administrator should know about -- SecureConsole. Check out what Dave likes about this tool and why.

16 Nov 2001
Directory Services: Taming the Turbulent Business Environment
Network World Columnist and Novell Sysop, Dave Kearns, does a top-notch job exploring eDirectory's value in today's tumultous business environment.

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