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James Rudd

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James is the network administrator for Sydney Boys High School, NSW, Aus. He started learning about NetWare 4 as a student helper and is now managing NetWare 6.5, SLES 10, ZENworks and GroupWise for the school. He completed a BEng Photovoltaics / BSci Computer Science at University of New South Wales (UNSW) in 2007. James also administers a ROCKS HPC cluster at UNSW running Gaussian 03 for research into quantum dots for PV applications. He is interested in FOSS projects, such as Moodle and MRBS.

The Complete Works of James

27 Sep 2007
DOS Boot Menu for NetWare
James Rudd shows you how to setup a DOS boot menu for a NetWare server. Use it for firmware upgrades or to load the server with flags for troubleshooting. This guide should also work for NetWare servers running as virtualized guests on OES2.

21 Jun 2007
Remote Management using SSH and X-Forwarding
James Rudd explains how to use SSH and X-Forwarding for remote management of your OES or SLES servers.

07 Jun 2007
Deploying Adobe Flash Player Silently for Limited Users
James Rudd explains how to get around the fact that Adobe Flash Player requires users to be admins, thereby hampering your ability to deploy it to them via ZENworks.

24 May 2007
Login Tracking Scripts
James Rudd shares an easy way to keep a login log of users that can be used for tracking and statistical purposes.

06 Mar 2007
Troubleshooting GroupWise 7 Registry Key Problems
Here's a handy tip for debugging registry issues with GroupWise, courtesy of James Rudd.

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