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27 Jun 2002
Anti-SPAM and Anti-Virus Content Filter for GroupWise
Did you know you could have SPAM, Viruses, and other nasty stuff removed from your entire GroupWise system with a single phone call? Our Partners at DWS have just released a new product called MailWise Filter that will block out SPAM and Viruses from your entire email system, and there's nothing to install, maintain or upgrade! Get all the details here.

01 May 2002
Applet Focus: DWS Go to Sender's Web Page
If you receive an email from someone you do not know, before replying, you may wish understand a little more about the sender. Check out this new cool Formativ applet written by Dave Strickler, that allows you to look at a sender's web page just from their Domain name at the click of a button!

24 Apr 2002
Formativ Applet: DWS Go to Sender's Web Page
Allows you to look at a sender's web page from their Domain name.

19 Apr 2000
The New WebAccess: It's, Well, Better. And New.
"To the Web" is the battle cry of thousands of weary IS&T support Engineers. "No more client installs - no desktop support," they chant, surrounding the developer's castle, where high in an ivory tower, programmers toss out morsels of poorly written install routines wrapped in Microsoft lawyer-speak ULAs.

16 Nov 1999
PDAs and GroupWise: Taking It On the Road
Whoever said "you can't take it with you when you go" has never used a PDA. Everyone's got one, whether a Pilot, Psion, or WindowsCE machine, these things are everywhere; almost as bad as cell phones. The problem is, if you've ever tried to put all your data in one, you realize you can only stuff so much in these little fellows.

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