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02 Jan 2007
Consolidating GroupWise Logs
David Benjamin recently read a Cool Solutions article on centralized "syslogging" and came up with his own twist - for GroupWise logs.

16 Nov 2006
Installing HP Web Jetadmin on SLES 10
David Benjamin shares a tip on how to install HP Web Jetadmin on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10.

28 Apr 2005
Giving everyone a uniqueID
If you ever created users without the uniqueID attribute, you'll note that they're unable to use web applications that require LDAP authentication. Here's a nifty suggestion for how to remedy that.

27 Apr 2005
Apache Serving Zero Byte Files From NSS Volume
If your Apache server is serving files from an NSS volume, check out this tip from David Benjamin.

02 Mar 2005
Distributing Unique IDs to Users
What do you do if a number of your users are missing the uniqueID attribute? Here's a script solution from Cool Solutions reader David Benjamin that lets you create and distribute unique IDs to users so they can authenticate to LDAP.

18 Oct 2004
Turning off Chat in Virtual Office
If your managers like everything about Virtual Office but the Chat feature, here's one way to turn it off.

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