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28 Nov 2007
Displaying the eDirectory loginTime in NSL
Here's a tip from David Guest that displays the eDirectory login time for NSL in GMT format.

21 Nov 2007
Detecting Password Fields on a Javascript Web Page
David Guest explains how to detect a password field when you are dealing with a Javascript Web Page.

31 Oct 2007
Customizing an NSL Script for Admin Account Users
This tip from David Guest shows you how to help outside (admin) users access a web page for modification, via an NSL script.

17 Oct 2007
Tiered Structure for Governance of Identity Management
This article by David Guest provides an overview of the advantages of a tiered data structure with the IDM Identity Vault.

17 Oct 2007
Using DebugView to Track SecureLogin Application Definitions
David Guest explains how to use Microsoft's DebugView to help you track SecureLogin information dealing with performance monitoring and other time-sensitive issues.

13 Jun 2007
Using Multi-Language GroupWise Scripts with NSL
Need to run multiple languages in the GroupWise client, via NSL? David Guest has a simple solution for the problem.

02 May 2007
Support for Oracle jInitiator with SecureLogin
Here's a tip from David Guest that helps you get jInitiator working with your Java-enabled NSL.

28 Feb 2007
Search Exclusions in NSL
David Guest shares a simple tip for excluding certain pages from a SecureLogin search.

24 Jan 2007
Using an LDIF to Extend NSL Schema
David Guest shows how to extend a schema for Novell SecureLogin when using ldapmodify instead of LDAPSchema.

20 Dec 2006
Extending the Schema in SecureLogin
Here's a great article by Protocom the explains how to extend your schema when using SecureLogin. Thanks to David Guest for the heads up!

08 Nov 2006
Filling Credentials without the Dialog IDs
SecureLogin expert David Guest shows how to use NSL's built-in "keyboard" to handle apps that are missing Ctrl-IDs.

06 Sep 2006
Running a Windows Script Just Once
SecureLogin expert David Guest shares a Windows script that runs just once, instead of multiple times as normal.

08 Mar 2006
Setting NSL User Rights through iManager
If you'd rather set NSL user rights through iManager than through ConsoleOne, this article by Novell's David Guest should be just what you need.

04 Nov 2005
Handling Emulators with SecureLogin
SecureLogin expert David Guest provides an in-depth look at handing Terminal Emulation applications with SecureLogin. Script examples are included.

03 Aug 2005
Oracle Forms and NSL
SecureLogin guru David Guest contributes a script that gets NSL to handle Oracle Forms, including multiple databases and/or usernames and passwords. Edit away, and give it a try!

19 May 2005
Using Venn Diagrams for Role-Based Provisioning
Remember those old Venn Diagrams you used in school? Well, they're not just for whiteboards any more. Here's a thumbs-up article from Cool Solutions contributor David Guest that brings Venn Diagrams to the world of role-based provisioning.

05 May 2005
Configuring SecureLogin to Work with HLLAPI
Here's a helpful article from SecureLogin expert David Guest that takes the mystery out of terminal emulation and gets you going with a solid configuration approach.

29 Jul 2004
AppNote: Building Blocks for SecureLogin Scripting
This document puts forward a standard approach to scripting applications within the Novell SecureLogin environment. It explains the building blocks that must be included within the scripts for Windows, Web, and Terminal Emulation applications.

21 Jul 2003
Managing Large-Scale Directories in a Tiered Structure
Brand new article from our friends in the AppNotes department -- this one delves into the art of organizing and managing complex directories. Check it out.

13 Feb 2003
Adding Multiple Users to iFolder Professional 2 for a Staged Roll-out
If you need to muscle a lot of users into iFolder 2.0, take a look at how David Guest did it before you reinvent the wheel.

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