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04 May 2005
Automatic Install Environment for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9
In this excellent document, Adrian Malaguti gives a step-by-step rundown of how to set up an automatic SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 installation environment, using PXE to start the boot and install process across a network. In this process, all set-up is done without user intervention. From the booting up process, components and packages selection, to the final stages and customization.

10 Sep 2004
Policy-based Linux Desktop Environment
Want to set up a centralized and restricted Linux desktop environment to improve user productivity and reduce help desk calls? Check out this excellent article from Adrian Malaguti explaining how to use a KDE application, Kiosk Admin Tool, to apply restrictive policies to a Linux desktop, manage Linux users from eDirectory, authenticate through LDAP and much more.

19 Aug 2004
Linux Authentication using LDAP and eDirectory
Novell Consultant Adrian Malaguti shares this guide which will help you with user authentication to eDirectory and getting WIN2k/NAS home directories available for users on a Linux desktop. It addresses implementing Linux authentication against eDirectory (no local users) based on PAM and LDAP.

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