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A Bit About Omni Technology Solutions Inc.

Since 1999, Omni has delivered a portfolio of proven solutions for Novell GroupWise, eDirectory, NetWare and SUSE Linux. Novell customers world-wide trust and rely on Omni's software in the areas of mobility, management, messaging, email security and SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop deployments.

The Complete Works of Omni Technology Solutions Inc.

18 Dec 2007
Riva CRM Integration for GroupWise — SugarCRM Closed Beta
Do you use GroupWise 7 and SugarCRM and want to integrate address books, appointments, tasks, notes and email? If so, check out this cool solution from our friends at Omni. Apply to be part of the closed beta of this exciting new GroupWise CRM integration option.

14 Nov 2007
Configuring SugarCRM to use Novell eDirectory for Authentication
Check out this cool solution posted by Omni to help its Riva SugarCRM GroupWise Integration closed beta customers configure SugarCRM for eDirectory LDAP user authentication.

30 Oct 2007
Omni Announces CRM Integration Initiative for GroupWise
Come check out the GroupWise CRM Integration announcement from our friends at Omni. This announcement marks an important milestone in their plans to deliver third-party database integration and CRM support for GroupWise.

30 Oct 2007
Hands-on Lab to Integrate SugarCRM to GroupWise Offered at GroupWiseR EMEA Summit
Interested in getting hands-on training on how to integrate SugarCRM and other third-party CRM, ERP and third-party database applications into GroupWise? Following the Omni Riva CRM Integration Strategy Announcement at GWAVACon Europe, GroupWiseR EMEA Summit attendees will be the first to get training on how to deploy Riva's CRM Integration Strategy. Read more ...

09 Oct 2007
Riva Collaboration Integration Suite for GroupWise Featured on Novell Open Audio
Our friends at Omni share how their Riva Collaboration Integration Suite allows administrators to 'push' calendars, proxy access, managed signatures, common folders and address books to GroupWise accounts. Hear about Omni's new Secure Distribution List module and their roadmap for ERP / CRM email integration with GroupWise.

02 Oct 2007
Omni Announces Secure, Access Controlled GroupWise Distribution Lists
Do you need to control who can send emails to GroupWise Distribution Lists? How about hiding GroupWise distribution list members? Interested in having external account email addresses included in your system-defined distribution lists? Riva's Secure Distribution Lists takes GroupWise distribution list control to the next level. Read more about Riva's GroupWise Secure Distribution Lists module.

25 Sep 2007
Novell Licenses Riva from Omni to Keep New Zealand on Time (Daylight Savings Time)
Omni Technology Solutions, Inc. and Novell Inc. recently announced the immediate availability of the Riva New Zealand Daylight Saving Time (DST) module for New Zealand GroupWise customers. New Zealand GroupWise customers are invited to download the free module from

18 Sep 2007
Omni Training for Novell Users Groups
Interested in having Omni present to your Novell Users Group? We are currently featuring 30 or 60-minute sessions on Omni eControl, Riva, EMU, CCUweb and the Desktop Multiplier. Read about how to schedule Omni Training for your Novell Users Group ...

18 Sep 2007
Illinois-based School District Pushes GroupWise Calendar Information to Staff Accounts with Riva CCU from Omni
Keith Shaffer, Director of Technology at Skokie/Morton Grove School District 69, had been waiting for a long time to be able to "push" GroupWise calendar content to his users. With Omni's new Riva Common Calendar Update module, he is able to push GroupWise appointments, reminders and calendar items to staff. What a great way to start the new school year!

11 Sep 2007
A GroupWise First -- Integrate eDirectory Values into GroupWise Signatures
Do you need to standardize your GroupWise signatures by adding eDirectory values? Read more about how Omni's new Managed Signature module allows you to push eDirectory values into GroupWise signatures.

31 Aug 2007
Health Care Provider Chooses Multi-station SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktops
Health care customer looking to deploy SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop? Multiply your savings on hardware, management and electricity costs with the Omni Desktop Multiplier, powered by Userful. Our friends at Omni share how Homewood Health Centre maximized their fixed desktop budget by deploying multi-station Linux desktops.

15 Aug 2007
K-12 School Uses EMU to Create and Bulk Modify Novell Home Directories for Mac OS X Users
Struggling with managing Macintosh Home Directories on NetWare / OES? Does your school district or college use Macintosh OS X computers with home directories on NetWare or OES? Check out this Cool Solution success story about how Savannah Country Day School uses EMU to manage their 1,200 user accounts, including Macintosh home directory values on NetWare.

03 Aug 2007
Success Story: Contra Costa County Office of Education, and Riva from Omni
Read this Cool Solution from our friends at Omni to learn how the GroupWise administrator at CCCOE is now able to push the school districts' holiday schedules, events, meetings and other items to user accounts. Learn how Riva's new Common Calendar Update (CCU) module delivers increased user satisfaction and helps you improve your GroupWise ROI.

31 Jul 2007
Do You Have GroupWise Mobile Server Users Who Need to Access Shared Calendars?
Paragon Title & Escrow needed to provide access to a shared calendar for their GroupWise Mobile Server users. Read this Cool Solution from our friends at Omni about how this law firm used Riva to synchronize a business critical GroupWise shared calendar to their mobile users.

17 Jul 2007
Sending Personalized Emails from GroupWise
Need to send personalized emails to customers, students or partners from GroupWise? Check out this quick and easy Cool Solution from our friends at Omni. Simply create your personalized text message, export your list of contacts from your CRM or database into a CSV file, and GWmerge takes care of the rest. No copying and pasting required. No need to import all the email addresses into your GroupWise address book. Email merges made simple with GWmerge from Omni!

05 Jul 2007
Omni Webinar Series
Omni presents three weekly web seminars to help you maximise your GroupWise, eDirectory and SLED deployments. Find out how to deploy GroupWise Dynamic Distribution Lists, Common Calendars, set Proxy Access for Auditors, clean-up eDirectory information to prepare for IDM, save up to 80% on your SLED desktop deployments and provide ZERO-Rights, delegated user account management.

15 Jun 2007
Creating GroupWise Dynamic Distribution Lists
Do you work in an environment where it would be valuable to have GroupWise Distribution List membership be automatically updated based on the values of an eDirectory Group or an LDAP query? Riva's GroupWise Dynamic Distribution List Module solves the challenge encountered in many GroupWise environments where distribution lists need to be updated manually to reflect frequent changes.

12 Jun 2007
Ready to Upgrade to GWIA Native Internet Addressing?
Are you finally ready to upgrade to GWIA Native Internet Addressing? Learn how Omni's new Riva Address Book Cleanup module can take the risk out of updating user address books that have old GroupWise Internet gateway identifiers.

06 Jun 2007
Public Beta: GroupWise Collaboration Integration Suite for eDirectory and GroupWise, June 8, 2007
Check out this cool announcement from our friends at Omni. Their new, unified GroupWise integration suite allows you to create Dynamic GroupWise Distribution Lists, push calendar entries, push proxy access, clean up address books, generate GroupWise archive path reports, eDirectory password expiry reports and more. Sounds like just the kind of application a GroupWise administrator would like to have on hand.

01 May 2007
City Government Simplifies Novell Identity and GroupWise User Account Management with eControl
The City of Greater Sudbury deployed eControl to enable their front-line staff to manage 1,400 user accounts in 150 physical locations without any administrator or supervisor rights required in Novell GroupWise, eDirectory or the file system. Read more about how eControl delivered web-based, ZERO-Rights, delegated user account management for this city government.

25 Apr 2007
Multi-National Company Deploys eControl to Manage Network Growth and Prepare for IDM 3
A leading multi-national marketing company is upgrading to eControl 2.5 to provide delegated user account management for the network systems it acquires during its agressive growth through acquisition strategy. Read more about how it uses eControl to provide web-based, ZERO-Rights, delegated user account management in preparation to deploy its global Novell IDM solution.

06 Apr 2007
Secure and Extend the Range of your Linux Desktop Multiplier Deployments with Cubix
Your Multiplied SLED 10 desktop can now be stored securely in a data centre up to 250 metres (820 feet) away using a rack-mounted Cubix LaserStation Prism L system.

03 Apr 2007
Omni Cool Tip: Setting up Omni Mobile on a Dedicated WebAccess Server
Do you have a large GroupWise system and only want the authorized Omni Mobile users to be able to see the Omni Mobile tab in their GroupWise WebAccess screen? Read this Cool Solution on how to set up Omni Mobile on a dedicated WebAccess server.

29 Mar 2007
loveLife Chooses Multiplied Linux Desktop Strategy
loveLife used Omni's "Multiplied" Linux Desktop Strategy to deploy full-featured desktops in its youth centres. The strategy enabled loveLife to stretch its limited desktop budget and bridge the digital divide for more South African youth.

27 Mar 2007
Omni Mobile Version 2.4 Now Shipping - Enhanced GroupWise Mobile Features
Omni Mobile version 2.4 with enhanced GroupWise mobile features began shipping March 23. Version 2.4 includes mobile access to documents from your GroupWise Document Management System, mobile access to GroupWise Query folders, Proxy Send As, and on-line full account searches. Are you ready for the next step in extended GroupWise features on your mobile device? Register for an Omni Mobile 2.4 web seminar to see these and other exciting new GroupWise mobile messaging features from our friends at Omni.

13 Mar 2007
Omni Cool Tool: Desktop Total Cost of Ownership Calculator
Omni has published a Desktop TCO Calculator that compares the cost savings of the Multiplied SLED 10 Strategy with stand-alone Windows and Linux computers. Compare the costs of deploying 30 stand-alone Windows computers to 30 Multiplied SLED 10 systems. A conservative Multiplied SLED 10 deployment scenario results in 65% lower deployment costs -- a net savings of almost $45,000.

02 Mar 2007
Multiplied Linux Desktop Strategy Delivers Cost Savings for Illinois School District
By pioneering Omni's "Multiplied" SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop Strategy, Danville School District 118 has reduced the cost of their Linux desktop hardware costs by 50%, their electricity costs by 62%, and saved the district thousands of dollars on costly Internet drops, switches, network wiring and other infrastructure and support costs.

27 Feb 2007
Multiplied SLED 10 Certified Hardware Bundle Now Available
The number one question Omni receives from Novell customers looking to deploy "Multiplied" SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktops or thin clients is, "What hardware do you recommend?" Read this article to find out about the newly certified Multiplied SLED 10 hardware and software bundle available from R Cubed Technologies.

27 Feb 2007
Omni Mobile Web Seminar: Pre-release Sneak Peek of Omni Mobile 2.4
Looking for mobile access to documents from your GroupWise Document Management System? How about mobile access to GroupWise Query folders and on-line full account searches? Register for an Omni Mobile 2.4 pre-release sneak peek web seminar to see these and other exciting new GroupWise mobile messaging features from our friends at Omni.

21 Feb 2007
Global Retailer Uses eControl to Enhance Novell Identity Manager
Find out how a leading global retailer has deployed eControl from Omni to enhance its Novell Identity Manager implementation.

11 Jan 2007
Need to Run Internet Explorer on Linux? Here's the solution!
Is your desktop migration to Novell SLED 10 being hampered because users need to access web sites or internal web applications that have Internet Explorer dependencies? Read this heads-up Cool Solution, submitted by our friends at Omni, on how to use a free, Open Source solution to run Internet Explorer on SLED 10.

05 Dec 2006
Omni Mobile for GroupWise Closed Beta for Nokia Eseries Phones - No Windows Server Required
GroupWise users interested in being part of the Omni Mobile for Nokia Eseries phones Closed Beta are invited to contact Omni. Click here for more information on how Omni Mobile provides a GroupWise caching client for Nokia Series 60 Smart Phones.

21 Nov 2006
GroupWise Client for Windows Mobile 5 Smart Phones - No Windows Server Required
Want a GroupWise client for your new Windows Mobile 5 Smart Phone? Our friends at Omni have just added support for Windows Mobile 5 Smart Phones to Omni Mobile for GroupWise wireless email. Supported phones include: Samsung BlackJack, Motorola Q, Cingular 2125 and others. Next on their list of supported platforms: Omni Mobile for BlackBerry, available in December, 2006.

09 Nov 2006
Improving Internet Access Speed on Multiplied SLED 10 Systems
Multiplied SLED 10 customers are saving 80-90% on their desktop deployment costs compared to stand-alone Microsoft desktops. Read this article to learn how to enhance users' Internet access speed when deploying Multiplied SLED 10 systems.

07 Nov 2006
Omni Mobile Client Limitations on Devices
Omni Mobile provides a native GroupWise caching client for Windows Mobile, Palm, Sony Ericsson, Nokia and BlackBerry devices (Q4, 2006). Read this article to learn about some of the limitations of Omni Mobile on each supported platform that should be considered when choosing your mobile devices.

31 Oct 2006
GroupWise Mobile PDA Access - No Windows Server Required
Considering the various wireless GroupWise email options - Omni Mobile, GroupWise Mobile Server, BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES), GWAnywhere, NotifyLink or Toffa? Read about how Omni Mobile is the only GroupWise mobile client software that does not require an additional Windows server, gateways, databases or other complexities be added to your network.

25 Oct 2006
Web-based User Account and Identity Management White Paper
Mergers, acquisitions, security and privacy requirements - and the potentially devastating lawsuits for non-compliance - have increased the need for systems and processes that simplify user account management in mixed networks. Omni eControl delivers a web-based, "ZERO Rights" user account management tool for Novell GroupWise, eDirectory and mixed Novell and Microsoft networks. It's an ideal complement to Novell Identity Manager 3 for distributed user account management.

18 Oct 2006
Stoneybrooke Christian Schools Imports and Manages Student Accounts with EMU
Like many Novell school districts, Stoneybrooke Christian Schools needed a more efficient way to import and manage their student accounts. Stoneybrooke uses EMU to quickly and easily import and manage their students' eDirectory and GroupWise accounts.

10 Oct 2006
Omni Mobile Best Fit for Start-rite Shoes' GroupWise Mobile Needs
GroupWise Cool Solution Newsletter Lead-in:Start-rite Shoes, England's oldest shoe company, chose Omni Mobile as its GroupWise mobile solution, based on Omni Mobile's unique value proposition -- NO Windows server required, GroupWise 6.5 support, GroupWise look and feel, user self-admin in WebAccess, and simple installation and management.

28 Sep 2006
"Multiplied" Linux Desktop Migration Strategy for SLED 10 and openSUSE 10.1
With the excitement surrounding the launch of SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 and openSUSE 10.1, it is clear that Novell has a winner with its new desktop strategy. With the Linux Desktop Multiplier, you can take the SLED 10 value proposition one step further. Learn how the "Multiplied" SLED 10 strategy is enabling organisations to migrate up to 10 users to each of their SLED 10 or openSUSE 10.1 computers.

22 Sep 2006
Novell South Africa Deploys 2,205 SUSE Linux Desktops in 105 Schools with Linux Desktop Multiplier
South Africa's North West Province is taking a leadership role in helping their students cross the digital divide. They were looking for the best way to deploy 2,205 desktop computers in 105 of their schools' computer labs. The solution * Novell's SUSE Linux Desktop operating system with the Linux Desktop Multiplier.

14 Sep 2006
University Deploys Moodle On-line Course Management on "Multiplied" SLED 10 System
Read about how the Popular Autonomous University of the State of Puebla saved over 80% on the cost of deploying their on-line course management and e-learning software using a "Multiplied" SLED 10 strategy.

10 Sep 2006
Enterprise User and Import Management Utility (EMU)
Bulk Manage eDir/NDS and GroupWise accounts, group membership, organizational roles and home directories.

30 Aug 2006
University of New Mexico Pilots Multiplied SLED 10 Desktops in Computer Lab
Have your heard about the Muliplied SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop Strategy? Read this article about how the Desktop Multiplier is being used by the University of New Mexico to multiply existing desktops and provide wider access to SLED 10 in their computer labs. The Desktop Multiplier allows up to 10 users to connect to a single SLED 10 computer. Find out more.

29 Aug 2006
Omni Mobile Provides Secure GroupWise Wireless Email for Lower Colorado
The LCRA investigated several GroupWise wireless email solutions based on requirements, including mobile security, cost of acquisition, ease of installation and breadth of mobile devices supported. LCRA's Data Security Office recommended and implemented Omni Mobile based on their findings. Read more here ...

25 Jul 2006
What is the Best PDA to Use with GroupWise?
Looking to go mobile with GroupWise? Trying to decide on what is the best PDA to use with GroupWise? Aldo Zanoni, CEO and Managing Director of Omni, provides his suggestions on some of the factors to consider when choosing a PDA to use with GroupWise. Read to find out which device he recommends.

05 Jul 2006
Rockford Corporation Uses Omni's eControl to Enhance Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance
Rockford Corporation is using eControl to enhance Sarbanes-Oxley compliance and to extend Novell User Account Management operations. Get the details here ...

05 Jul 2006
North Kansas City School District Shares 75 GroupWise Calendars Online w/ CCUweb
The North Kansas City School District used CCUweb from Omni to share 75 GroupWise calendars online. Get the scoop, here.

14 Feb 2006
GWAVACon Uses Desktop Multiplier for Novell Linux Desktop Internet Cafe
Providing public internet access at trade shows and other events can be quite a challenge. Read about how the Desktop Multiplier for Novell Linux Desktop was used to provide secure public Internet access for GWAVACon attendees.

28 Sep 2005
Heads Up: New products from our partners at Omni Technology Solutions
Here are a couple of new products that you might want to take a look at if you need to use Palm devices and Nokia cell phones to get at your GroupWise stuff.

11 Aug 2005
GroupWise Messenger on your Pocket PC PDA and Smart Phone
Omni has just announced the public beta of Omni GroupWise Messenger for Pocket PC PDAs and Smart Phones. Find out more and download the beta here.

14 Jul 2005
GroupWise on your Java Phone? Absolutely!
Access GroupWise email, calendar, tasks, notes and checklists directly from a Java phone. Omni Syncaphone leverages your existing GroupWise installation by running on NetWare, SUSE Linux or Windows. Find out more and download a free 30-day trial.

10 Jun 2005
Are the Spammers winning? Absolutely NOT!
So, what's a SURBL and why are SURBLs one of the reasons spammers are not winning the battle? Read this article by Aldo Zanoni to find out about this new anti-spam strategy and why it is so effective in detecting spam and preventing false positives.

17 Mar 2005
The Top Ten Reasons People are Excited About the Omni Novell Linux Desktop Multiplier
Read why people are excited about the Omni Novell Linux Desktop Multiplier.

10 Mar 2005
GWAVA and Omni Announce GroupWise Solution Alliance
GWAVA and Omni recently announced an alignment of their products to offer the global GroupWise community focused solutions. To better serve their GroupWise customers and to eliminate duplication of development and support, GEE Whiz is now part of the GWAVA family of GroupWise security products. Find out more.

09 Oct 2003
GEE Whiz Updated With Latest Release of Spam Assassin
GEE Whiz, from Omni Technology Solutions, has just been updated to include the new release of the Spam Assassin 2.6.0 rule set. Find out more.

28 Aug 2003
GEE Whiz Stops SoBig Virus
Did the SoBig virus slow you down? Come and find out how Omni Technology Solution's GEE Whiz kept GroupWise users safe.

14 Aug 2003
GEE Whiz 1.3.1 Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus Now Available
Our Partners at Omni Technology Solutions recently released GEE Whiz 1.3.1. New features include: HTML or text-based corporate disclaimers/signatures, an enhanced Web-based management interface and a new Web-based Quarantine Viewer/Manager. Find out more and download a 30-day trial version today!

14 Aug 2003
Third-Party Web Administration Solution for eDirectory
Here's a new Web-based management solution, created by the engineering team at Omni Technology Solutions, that you just might want to add to your lineup. Check it out.

19 Jun 2003
Looking for a Web-based User Administration Solution for GroupWise?
Have you ever been in the following situation? Your Junior Network Administrators or Help Desk Operators need to be able to change GroupWise passwords and GroupWise Distribution List memberships but your security policy won't allow them to have Supervisor rights to the GroupWise Domain and eDir/NDS objects? If so, check out eControl, a new Cool Solution for GroupWise from the people at Omni Technology Solutions Inc.

11 Dec 2002
GroupWise Create Calendar Utility Web (CCUweb)
Creates individual department, school, resource or combined school district Web calendars by extracting the data from individual GroupWise accounts.

11 Dec 2002
CCUWeb with Auto-Sync and Auto-Import
Check out this cool solution from Omni Technology Solutions that allows you to publish your calendars and activities on a Web site. Find out more and download a trial version here.

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