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Mark Robinson

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A Bit About Mark

Mark is a Linux consultant for NDS8 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Mark first met Unix systems in 1990 as a user at university and has never looked back. He left uni in 1997 and met the real world. He started installing Linux servers for his clients shortly after, and his company became the first SuSE Advanced Partner in Scotland. He joined NDS8 and the Novell world in November 2004.

The Complete Works of Mark

07 Sep 2007
Spinning the Cube with SLED 10 SP1 on an IBM ThinkPad
Mark Robinson shares a tip on how to configure some of the keys on an IBM ThinkPad to rotate the cube.

11 Jul 2007
Installing a All-In-One HP Printer on SLED 10 SP1
Mark Robinson explains how to set up printing and scanning with an HP All-In-One (AIO) device using the HPLIP package.

21 Mar 2005
AppNote: Basic Linux/Samba Authentication with eDirectory on Novell Linux Small Business Server
This article by Mark Robinson shows you how to configure LDAP authentication to eDirectory from Samba/PAM without the use of NMAS/LUM.

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