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Sharad Sharma

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Shared works in New York as a Computer Consultant in heterogenous environments and he manages NetWare servers and GroupWise systems at different locations connected via 56k, T1 and T3 lines. He is a CNE NW3, NW5 and NW6; also a CCNA and Cisco certified VPN and Firewall Specialist. He has loved working on NetWare since Ver2.2.

The Complete Works of Sharad

31 Jan 2006
Automatically Moving Mail to a Cabinet
Sharad Sharma shares a rule to automatically get mail from your inbox into a Cabinet folder.

24 Mar 2005
Tip: How to Create a GroupWise 6.5 SP4 Overlay CD
Sharad Sharma shares a quick tip on how to create a GroupWise 6.5 SP4 Overlay CD you can use when installing a new GroupWise 6.5 system.

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