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25 Apr 2006
GroupWise Personal Address Book Advanced Search and Replace
A small self-contained Windows executable program that can manipulate GroupWise on Windows Personal Address Books using Parsing Rules defined in a .SRI text file.

31 Oct 2000
Convert legacy data to LDIF format.

27 Sep 2000
NDS "AKA" utility -- Alias Katharsis Application
Facilitate phase-out of aliases employed during changes to tree structures.

15 Aug 2000
Text Change
Clean up/manipulate .ncf files before/during/after an upgrade to NW 5.1 from 4.11.

14 Jun 1999
Guide to NAL 2.01
Administrator's Guide for using Novell Application Launcher (NAL) 2.01

01 Jan 1999
Programmatically shut down Windows 95 and NT in Logoff, Shutdown, or Restart modes.

01 Jan 1999
NCWSUT32 1.15 (Jan 99)
Stage new or repaired workstation.

03 Oct 1998
Novell Consulting Desktop Integration
Provide functionality to forward NDS information to desktop applications via OLE automation.

15 Sep 1998
ZENworks Application Management (NAL) Tool Kit
Manage ZENworks 1.x with this collection of tools.

18 Aug 1998
Novell Consulting Automation Tool (Script Engine)
Special purpose scripting language.

01 Aug 1998
GroupWise Alias Generation Tool
Populate gateway aliases for GroupWise.

15 Jun 1998
Access Printer Control without Start Menu or Control Panel.

22 Apr 1998
SAP List
View all SAP information on network.

17 Apr 1998
NWAdmin Snapin Manager
Manage your NWAdmin Snapins.

10 Apr 1998
Volume Block Resizer
Increase volume block capacity for NetWare 4.x.

21 Mar 1998
NWInst Automated Server Installation
Install servers with patches applied.

05 Mar 1998
GW Launch Wrapper Utility 1.86
Access multiple GroupWise accounts or systems from a single icon.

15 Dec 1997
NWAdmin NDS object Copy and Paste Snapin
Copy NDS objects to storage file.

17 Oct 1997
Bind IPX to the correct network address.

17 Oct 1997
SAP Snoop
Gather real-time SP broadcasts.

07 Aug 1997
DS View
View objects and their attributes in your NDS tree(s).

07 Aug 1997
List detailed program information.

26 Mar 1997
Migrate Banyan VINES networks to NetWare 4.1 networks.

20 Mar 1997
Download MHS Distribution Tool 1.21
Data transport to merge GroupWise data with MHS address book without expanding the MHS database.

01 Oct 1996
Delay the NetWare OS from loading NLMs until the specified time has elapsed.

30 Aug 1996
Customize the sign-on screen.

21 Aug 1996
Classic 1996 NetWare workstation utilities to enable and disable logins, search directory paths, change passwords, and execute DOS commands.

01 Aug 1996
CN to DN Resolver, 0.9
Use existing login ID for GroupWise in a NetWare 4 environment.

01 Aug 1996
Customized View for GroupWise 4.1
Create customized views and get task reminder messages.

31 Jul 1996
ManageWise Downloadable Tools
MIBs for HP, IBM, SUN Management Consoles.

26 Jul 1996
Use full NDS names to locate time servers, instead of being tied to SAP.

12 Jul 1996
Image Copy
Copy a core dump image file residing on NetWare 3.12 and 4.1.

21 Jun 1996
Browse tree in NDS Mode or SAP Mode.

02 Jun 1996
Hidden Object Locator
Find hidden NDS objects.

20 Dec 1995
Transfer Banyan mail to GroupWise.

12 Aug 1995
Calculate appropriate register memory command for configuring a NetWare 3 or 4 server.

04 May 1995
Zip and unzip files/directories in the same format as PKzip files.

21 Apr 1995
Serial Number List
Display server serial numbers.

12 Apr 1995
Search NetWare 4 for open and locked files.

15 Mar 1995
Filter for NDS on NetWare 4
Configure the frequency and times of NDS packet delivery.

19 Jan 1995
Clear the NetWare 4.1 address attribute on a user-by-user basis.

15 Jan 1995
SYSCON for NetWare 4
Examine or change accounting, file server, group, supervisor, or user information.

12 Sep 1994
Set Profile
Add profile for groups.

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