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The Complete Works of Johan

19 Sep 2007
Synchronizing Users into Google Apps with IDM
Check out this Google Apps connector, built by Johann Akerstrom.

12 Sep 2007
Using LdapConnection with Windows
Here's a code sample from Johann Akerstrom that shows how to use an ldapconnection to get eDirectory information.

18 Jul 2007
Comparing Identity Manager to Microsoft MIIS
How does Microsoft MIIS stack up against Novell Identity Manager? Here are a few thoughts from Johann Akerstrom ...

29 Nov 2006
Executing Scripts on UserID Change
Johan Akerstrom shares a few Java classes that execute an script on a local or remote server, once a userID has been provisioned or deprovisioned.

17 Dec 2001
Create UNIX Home Directories
Create UNIX home directories with Account Manager 2.1 for Linux or Solaris.

02 Apr 2001
Send SMTP mail directly from the command line.

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