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27 Feb 2006
NetWare File Server Activity Daemon (fadmn.nlm 2.00.a and fadmnexp.nlm 0.01.a)
NetWare file server utilities allow you to view real-time file access events and write to log file or send to syslog daemons.

22 Nov 2005
Synchronize two directory subtrees by NCP.

18 Nov 2005
Miranda messenger plugin for NCP messaging.

06 Apr 2005
S2S - Send NetWare alerts by email
NetWare utility that sends NetWare alerts by SMTP transport.

06 Apr 2005
UDP remote disk driver
Software solution for remote disks over UDP for NetWare volumes. Like iSCSI.

19 Nov 2004
Fake Lan Adapter
Virtual network adapter, useful for various routing features.

19 Nov 2004
NDS users network Home Directory maker.

19 Nov 2004
Switch between two desktops on windows console with easy mouse move.

19 Nov 2004
Lists users, who uses network files.

26 Nov 2002
TCP/IP Remote Console for NetWare Servers
Multi-screen remote control.

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