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A Bit About Girish

Girish B M is currently working as a Senior Software Engineer in Novell Software Development Center in Bangalore. His domain expertises basically include Networking- and Telecom-related technologies. He has completed a M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from Visveswaraiah Technological University, Belagaum.

The Complete Works of Girish

05 Sep 2007
Using SecureLogin Scripting to Enable Quick Finder Login for Web Single Sign-On
This AppNote by Girish Mutt provides an overview of how to use NSL scripts to enable Quick Finder searches with SSO.

09 Aug 2006
Migrating from Novell SecureLogin 3.x to 6.0: A Case Study
Novell's Girish Mutt provides an extensive AppNote detailing the advantages of, and techniques for, migrating to the new Novell SecureLogin 6.0

09 Aug 2006
Configuring and Using Active Directory with Novell SecureLogin
Configuring and using Active Directory with Novell SecureLogin (NSL) just got easier, thanks to this detailed AppNote from Novell's Girish Mutt.

03 May 2006
Novell SecureLogin Script: Gmail Login with SSO
Novell's Girish Mutt shares a cool NSL script to help you add SSO capability to your Gmail login.

05 Apr 2006
Configuring and Using pcprox-based NMAS Authentication with NSL
This AppNote by Novell's Girish Mutt provides an overview of configuring and using pcprox card-based authentication with Novell SecureLogin (NSL).

05 Apr 2006
Configuring and Using Novell Audit with Novell SecureLogin
NSL = good; Novell Audit = good; NSL + Audit = even better. Find out how to configure these two powerhouse Novells apps to work together for your company.

17 Jan 2006
Using the Samba Protocol to Access Windows Shares and Files
Girish Mutt shows how to use the Samba protocol on Novell Linux Desktop machines to access Windows Work groups and Windows Machines' Shared data.

04 Nov 2005
Handling SSO Failures due to Link Identification Text Mismatches
Single Sign-On is a great capability, but sometimes it fails to work for all links in a web site. The reason? Identification text mismatches - find out how to fix this problem thanks to a Cool Solution from Novell's Girish Mutt.

27 Jul 2005
Mapping and Disconnecting NetWare Volumes using Commands - with and without Novell Client
Think you need the Novell Client to map NetWare volumes? Think again. If you don't have the Novell Client, you can't do it the easy login script way. But you still have some command-line and batch file options to help you get the job done without manual intervention. Novell's Girish Mutt tells all.

30 Jun 2005
Correcting an LDAP Version Problem
Girish Mutt, a Novell Software Engineer, sends this tip for resolving an LDAP version problem when you upgrade eDirectory on NetWare 5.1.

15 Jun 2005
Using Terminal Server Client to VNC in Novell Linux Desktop
Girish gives a simple overview of how to use the Terminal Server Client to log in to both Windows and Linux machines.

07 Apr 2005
Access Cached Mail in Novell Linux Desktop or Windows when using Dual Boot
Here's a quick tip from Mutt Girish that explains how to access your cached mail if you are using Dual boot and boot your machine in Novell Linux Desktop or Windows.

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