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29 Jan 2007
GroupWise Import Utility (GWIU)
Automated creation of user accounts in GroupWise and (optionally) eDirectory.

26 Jan 2007
GroupWise Password Reset Utility (GWPR)
Allows for mass GroupWise password changes.

26 Jan 2007
GroupWise Password Set (GWPASSWD)
Command line utility which can be used to reset GroupWise Passwords.

26 Jan 2007
GroupWise Nickname Import (GWNI)
Allows for the mass importing of GroupWise Nicknames.

26 Jan 2007
GroupWise Distribution List Import (GWDLI)
Command line tool for adding or removing users from GroupWise distribution lists.

28 Oct 2002
LDAP Bind Sample Code
Sample ASP code for an LDAP bind over SSL using the NWIDirQuery control.

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