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05 Aug 2004
How to use ZENworks Imaging for Partition Manipulation
Dennis Hestbech explains how to make ZENworks for Desktops Imaging do some of what partition manipulation programs do, should the need arise. Very nifty ideas here -- print and save.

05 May 2004
Naming New and Re-Imaged PCs Easily
When imaging with ZENworks for Desktops, you probably use utils/scripts to name the PC at first boot after Imaging. So, what do you do when it's a PC that's being re-imaged and already has a name? Dennis Hestbech shares a slick idea.

08 Apr 2004
Forcing eTrust Policies to eTrust User PCs
Are you unable to distribute antivirus policies with eTrust antivirus admin server, when installing eTrust Antivirus with ZENworks? This one's for you.

04 Mar 2004
Push Printer Settings along with Printer Driver
If you want to push printer driver settings to the clients along with installing the printer driver, check out this nice solution from Dennis Hestbech.

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