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27 Jul 2005
AppNote: Moving Custom Plug-ins to iManager 2.5
Wanting to upgrade to iManager 2.5 but worried about losing your custom plug-ins? In this AppNote, Mark Hinckley shares a step-by-step process for moving custom plug-ins to iManager 2.5.

01 Jun 2005
Detecting Tomcat Stops and Initializations
How do you know when Tomcat has stopped, so you can restart it again? Or how can you tell when Tomcat has fully initialized itself so you can use iManager again? Well, you can guess ... or read this handy solution from Novell's Mark Hinckley.

11 May 2005
AppNote: Letting Users Modify Personal Attributes
Help is on the way ... now you can let users modify some of their own personal information in iManager, without exposing data they shouldn't change. Get the details in this AppNote by Novell's Mark Hinckley.

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