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27 Oct 2005
Application Core Files in SUSE Linux
Aaron Gresko explains what "core files" are in Linux. He tells us why they're good, when we should need them, and who should use them.

13 Oct 2005
Use getent to Display LUM Users On a Linux Workstation
Aaron Gresko explains how to use the getent command to display all of the local and eDirectory users the system knows about.

13 Oct 2005
Avoid Partitioning Problems When Installing Linux from an Installation Source
Aaron Gresko gives some simple advice to avoid boot problems while using different installation media.

21 Sep 2005
Patching Open Enterprise Server Tips and Tricks
Aaron Gresko gives some quick and easy tips on patching Open Enterprise Server.

21 Sep 2005
Using strace to Debug Programs in Linux
The utility strace can be quite handy, if you know how to use it correctly. Aaron Gresko gives us the low-down.

19 Sep 2005
Create and Use Persistent VNC Sessions
Aaron Gresko gives us a detailed step-by-step on how to create and use a persistent Virtual Network Computing session.

10 Aug 2005
Configure SLP on SUSE Linux
SUSE Linux and Novell software can use either of two SLP packages, NDS SLP or OpenSLP. Get SLP running smoothly on SUSE Linux by following the steps in this excellent article by Linux Product Specialist Aaron Gresko.

09 Aug 2005
Work With User Selection Icons In KDM
Aaron gives us some tips on how to tweak KDM to more suit personal preferences.

02 Aug 2005
Configure an Open Enterprise Server (Linux based) Installation Source to Register with SLP
Configuring an installation source to register with SLP is normally done by the YaST Installation Server module. The Installation Server module does not correctly handle Open Enterprise Server (OES) installation sources, however, so creating the installation source is done using a script.

01 Aug 2005
Fix VMWare Graphical Installation Problems When Installing SUSE Linux
When installing a SUSE Linux distribution in VMWare, the graphical install either fails to start and sends the install to text mode or the graphical YaST screen is split into four sections in the display.

01 Aug 2005
Setting Firefox as the Default Browser In SUSE Pro
I set Firefox as the default browser when I first ran it. When I click on hyperlinks in certain applications, like GroupWise, Konqueror loads. Why isn't Firefox my default browser?

27 Jul 2005
OES Patch Channel Not Present After Activating Open Enterprise Server (Linux based)
After activating Open Enterprise Server using rug or Red Carpet, if you find that the oes patch channel is not present, check out this tip from Aaron Gresko.

18 Jul 2005
Perform Remote SUSE Installations With Virtual Network Computing
Aaron Gresko and Justin Grote explain how to install SUSE Linux over a VNC connection.

14 Jul 2005
How to Mirror Open Enterprise Server Patches with ZENworks Linux Management 6.6.1
Mirroring patches is a great way to save bandwidth and update multiple systems in a network. This article from Aaron Gresko demonstrates how to set up a ZLM server and get a mirrored OES patch channel running on it. Patching OES systems from the mirrored channel is also covered.

11 Jul 2005
Manually Create A Network Installation Source For SUSE Linux Enterprise Server SP1
Aaron Gresko gets into the nitty gritty about Network Installation Sources and explains how to create one manually.

06 Jul 2005
Activating Novell Linux Small Business 9 With Red Carpet
Novell Linux Small Business 9 (NLSB) is updated using Red Carpet software from Novell. Here are the essential details to help you get Red Carpet running and update your system.

05 Jul 2005
Install Software With YAST From the Command Line
Aaron shows us that YAST is much more than just a nice GUI tool...

30 Jun 2005
Fix Certificate Problems In Open Enterprise Server Caused By Updating Java2
Open Enterprise Server has an issue with Java2 updates and the cacerts keystore used by various Novell services to authenticate secure LDAP. If you've installed patch-9788 or patch-10258 then you probably have this problem. The problem is only an issue for systems with VirtualOffice and/or iManager installed and configured.

28 Jun 2005
Backrev Software Packages with YaST
Customers sometimes want to know how to backrev an updated software package back to a previous support pack or even to the original shipping version. Aaron Gresko explains how to do it using YaST.

15 Jun 2005
Understanding the YAST Software Module Options
Aaron helps us understand the YAST options a little bit better...

06 Jun 2005
Install Open Enterprise Server (Linux Based) With AutoYaST
The installation of Open Enterprise Server (Linux Based) can be automated using AutoYaST. In this article learn how to create and use an AutoYaST control file in OES.

01 Jun 2005
Starting Services From the Command Line On SUSE Linux
Aaron Gresko gives some understanding about how to start Linux processes from the command line.

11 May 2005
NSS Freezes System When Starting On Open Enterprise Server On VMWare
NSS on Open Enterprise Server (Linux Based) has been having trouble with the smp kernel in VMWare. Learn how to get around it here

03 May 2005
Specify Boot Runlevel As A Startup Parameter
Need to boot to a specific runlevel? Here's how you can do this.

03 May 2005
Fix Java Errors With ConsoleOne On Linux
Java giving you errors? Here's how to fix them!

03 May 2005
Configure SLP on SUSE Linux
Need SLP? Here's how to get it up and running.

03 May 2005
Set Up Linux Kernel Crash Dump on SLES
Would you like to know how to debug a kernel crash? Here's how!

03 May 2005
Runlevels in SUSE Linux
This article takes you through how to use runlevels.

03 May 2005
Managing Runlevel Services in SUSE Linux
Interested in knowing more about runlevels? This article explains how they work.

27 Apr 2005
Differentiate Open Enterprise Server From SLES9
Easily tell if a system has Open Enterprise Server is installed with this tip.

21 Apr 2005
Fix Java Errors With ConsoleOne On Linux
Having trouble with ConsoleOne on Linux? This tip will help you get it running.

19 Apr 2005
Install and Configure iFolder on OES in Coexistent Mode (Linux Based)
Make your next iFolder Server install smooth and problem free by following this article.

19 Apr 2005
Configure Intel ipw2100 Cards in Novell Linux Desktop
Frustrated trying to get your Intel PW2100 wireless card working on Novell Linux Desktop? This tip will help you get it running.

11 Apr 2005
Fix Shared Library Errors On iFolder Client for Linux
Learn how to fix a common problem with iFolder Client for Linux.

18 Mar 2005
Set Up Linux Kernel Crash Dump (LKCD) on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
Gather crucial system information during a system crash with LKCD.

17 Mar 2005
Specify Boot Runlevel As A Startup Parameter
Learn how to change the boot runlevel from the boot options line.

16 Mar 2005
Create a Bonded Interface in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 8
Learn how to configure bonded devices and take advantages of increased network throughput or failover capability in high availability setups.

11 Mar 2005
Creating NSS Volumes on Open Enterprise Server Linux
Here's a quick tip for those installing OES for Linux, who may be planning to create NSS volumes.

07 Jan 2005
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Evalution Now Available For Multiple Architectures
Novell has posted SLES 9 distributions for multiple architectures on

07 Jan 2005
Login Window Disappears to a Black Screen and Monitor Displays Frequency Over Range
Learn how to fix X windows problems with Frequency Over Range errors.

07 Jan 2005
Beta Drivers for Adaptec HostRaid Now Available
Adaptec has posted beta versions of the drivers used for their HostRAID controllers on many IBM servers.

07 Jan 2005
Can't Create NSS Pool Object on OES Linux
Avoid common problems when trying to create NSS volumes on OES Linux.

21 Dec 2004
Set Up A Local YaST Online Update Server
YaST Online Update (YOU) makes it easy to keep the systems in a network running with the latest patches. If your network has multiple machines that need to be updated, you may want to run a local YOU server that caches the updates. Here's how you do it.

25 Oct 2004
Troubleshooting "Platform Not Supported" Messages When Installing Products on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
Having trouble installing products on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server? Aaron Gresko offers some handy diagnostic tips.

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