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03 Nov 2005
Enabling Thermal Sensor Drivers
Most computers have integrated temperature-sensing circuitry which can be used to monitor the temperature of the CPU, motherboard chip set, etc. In SUSE Linux the drivers for these circuits is not enabled for default. This tip explains how to enable the drivers and access the temperature information

03 Nov 2005
Running YAST Online Update From The Command-line
YaST Online Update, otherwise known as YOU has the ability to be controlled through a command-line interface. This is very handy if updates need to be installed in scripts, or to install updates quickly with a minimal interface. In this article, Kirk Coombs explains how to do this.

25 Oct 2005
Configuring a Mail Server on SLES
Kirk Coombs explains the step-by-step process of how to create a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Mail Server.

25 Oct 2005
Differences between the SMP and BIGSMP Kernels
Kirk gives us a quick explanation of the differences between the two mult-processor-capable kernels.

20 Oct 2005
Using RPM Verify to Monitor Changes to System Files
It is important for administrators of critical server systems to be able to track changes to files on their systems. Tracking file changes helps detect accidental or malicious modifications such as viruses, root kits, or hacking activity. This article explains how to set up RPM to track these changes.

13 Oct 2005
Software RAID: Beyond YAST
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) provides an easy mechanism to create software RAID arrays with YaST. After the initial creation, however, YAST provides no tools to manage the RAID array. Functions such as monitoring the array and managing failed disks must be done manually. This article provides a guide for creating RAID arrays with YAST and managing them with the provided command-line tools.

29 Sep 2005
Synchronize Directories with rsync
There are many cases when it is useful to keep two directories in sync with each other. Examples include mirroring a FTP server and performing backups. This, and other uses for rsync are found in this article.

26 Sep 2005
Troubleshooting SLES Installation Problems
Most SLES installations go without a hitch. There are, however, the unfortunate cases when the install does not go smoothly. When this happens, it is essential to be able to drill down to the cause of the problem. This tip introduces the most common places to look for logs that may be helpful.

15 Sep 2005
A Tour of NFS
Kirk Coombs gives us an overview of how NFS works.

15 Sep 2005
Turbocharge an SSH Connection with screen
Kirk Coombs shows how to make an SSH connection more useful with the screen command.

24 Aug 2005
Performance Tuning Installation Tips
Kirk Coombs shows us some optimization tips.

24 Aug 2005
Encrypting Data Partitions
Kirk Coombs shows how to encrypt data partitions.

16 Aug 2005
Review: Linux Kernel Development Second Edition
Kirk Coombs provides a great review of this book.

16 Aug 2005
Review: Performance Tuning for Linux Servers
This is a fine review by Kirk Coombs about this book.

16 Aug 2005
Using the "Magic System Request Keys"
The System Request keys are great for debugging or for use on a non-production system. Enabling the System Request keys introduces a security risk--allowing any local or remote user to send commands such as SIGKILL or HALT to the system.

01 Aug 2005
Using SPident to Report the Current Service Pack Level
Often, when a Service Pack is installed is is hard to know whether the Service Pack has actually been completely installed. To make this easier the SPident tool was created. SPident compares the packages currently on the system with a database of which packages belong to each Service Pack.

11 Jul 2005
Securely Access a Real X Session Using ssh and x11vnc
Kirk Coombs explains how to do VNC over an encrypted connection.

11 Jul 2005
The Importance of Running SUSEconfig After Installing
Kirk Coombs explains the necessity of running SUSEconfig after installing a package with the rpm command.

05 Jul 2005
Review: Building Applications with the Linux Standard Base
If you have ever wanted to learn more about the Linux Standard Base (LSB), then this book is your one-stop shop. Whether you are already familiar with the LSB, or have no experience with it, this book will provide valuable information.

27 Jun 2005
Creating Custom init Scripts
Linux uses init scripts to start and stop the daemons on a system. Learn how to create these init scripts for any daemons you wish to run.

22 Jun 2005
An Introduction to LDAP: Part 2-Using LDAP to Create a User Authentication and File Server for Linux and Windows Clients
This is the second article in a two-article series that explains LDAP directories and their usage. Part 1 is a simple primer, intended to bring users who have no experience with LDAP up to speed with the basics. Readers who have no experience with LDAP should read Part 1 prior to proceeding.

21 Jun 2005
An Introduction to LDAP: Part 1-LDAP Primer
This is the first article in a two-article series which explains LDAP directories and their usage. Part 1 is a simple primer to bring users who have no experience with LDAP up to speed with the basics.

21 Jun 2005
Enabling an Interactive Startup in Novell/SUSE Linux
Kirk Coombs explains how to give a little more control to the user on bootup of Linux.

21 Jun 2005
Using openSSH to Securely Access Remote Systems
If you are new to Linux, you may not be familiar with Secure Shell (SSH). SSH provides a secure method to access a remote host in the styles of telnet, rlogin, ftp, and others. With SSH, all communication between host and client computers is encrypted, reducing the risk of having passwords or data intercepted.

03 Jun 2005
Using the "Rescue System" on the installation CD to repair a broken system
Accessing and repairing a system that won't boot is easy in Linux. This tip explains how it is done.

19 May 2005
Automatically mounting Samba and NCP shares using PAM
It is often useful to have remote Samba and NCP shares mounted and unmounted for a user as they log in and out. pam_mount is a great PAM module which accomplishes this.

18 May 2005
Keeping Sync with a Remote NTP Server
Kirk Coombs explains how overcome some obstacles in keeping a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server synced to other servers using the Network Time Protocol.

11 May 2005
Automatically Mounting Remote NCP (NetWare) Shares on SUSE Linux System Boot
Many users want to have their NCP (NetWare) shares mounted on their SUSE Linux machine on system boot. This article explains how.

05 May 2005
Time Not Syncing With Remote NTP Server
Sometimes the NTP client needs a little tweaking to sync with a valid NTP server.

04 May 2005
Overcoming LVM errors upon re-installation of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
Some users experience problems when reinstalling a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server system that contains LVM volumes. Kirk Coombs shows us how to overcome this bug.

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