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05 Feb 2007
Users Login/Logout Audit - Vers. 1.18
Registration of these events: user login to a NetWare server / user logout of a NetWare server, night control.

26 Sep 2006
LSENDMAG - Wake On LAN - (SUSE Linux)
Remotely turn on workstations and servers.

13 Sep 2006
Remotely turn on workstations and servers.

20 Jan 2006
VOLMON - NetWare Volumes Monitor
An NLM module for monitoring NetWare volumes.

24 Oct 2005
Multi-Server Monitoring System Vers. 3.20
A new very useful tool for a real-time, continuous control of servers' activities and connections between them.

13 May 2005
Allow changing of passwords for many users from a text file.

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