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21 Jul 2005
Sneaking Peeks at Sequoia (GroupWise 7) - Part 5
GroupWise 7 WebAccess has an updated look and feel as well as some new features that users have been asking for. In part 5 of our Sneaking Peeks series, Jon Myers explains how to use one of the new features in WebAccess: Drag and Drop.

14 Jul 2005
Sneaking Peeks at Sequoia (GroupWise 7) - Part 4
We've been putting a lot of bright lights around GroupWise 7 this year and we're continuing to do so throughout the launch process. In part 4 of our sneaking peeks series, Jon Myers discusses one of the brightest additions to GroupWise 7: Multiple Calendars.

07 Jul 2005
Sneaking Peeks at Sequoia - Part 3
In GroupWise 7, there is a new feature that facilitates the navigation; appropriately named the navigation bar. The navigation bar can remove the need for a full folder list. In this week's sneak peek, Jon Myers explains how it works.

30 Jun 2005
Sneaking Peeks at Sequoia - Part 2
One major theme that you'll see throughout GroupWise 7 is enhanced user productivity. Now, you might be thinking, yeah, yeah we've heard this marketing speech before. Wait. This version really does go a long way to enhance end user's productivity-- keep reading.

19 May 2005
Sneaking Peeks at Sequoia
Jon Myers, the Marketing guy over GroupWise, has been living and breathing Sequoia (the next version of GroupWise) for quite awhile now, and he's dying to talk about it. We figured Cool Solutions was the perfect spot to turn him loose. Check out this new series, and if you have any questions you don't see answered, let us know and we'll pass them along to Jon.

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