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Andrew Armstrong

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Network Engineer
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26 Jan 2007
List All Open Files on an NSS Volume Residing on an OES Linux Server
Andrew Armstrong shares a cool tip on how to list all open files by all connections on an OES Linux Server.

04 Jan 2007
Installing iFolder 3 on OES in Container with Universal Password Set
Andrew Armstrong shares a solution for a problem he had installing iFolder 3 on OES in a container with a universal password set.

24 Aug 2005
Reactivating Expired Objects
Cool Solutions reader Andrew Armstrong explains how to reset expiration dates for large numbers of objects, using iManager.

22 Jun 2005
Installing PatchLink Update Agent with PLDP
Here's how Andrew Armstrong helped one of his clients work around an install error. ( Might be too specific for you to follow exactly, but his experience offers good troubleshooting insight.)

23 May 2005
Resolving Error when Deploying Packages to Windows XP Workstations
Andrew Armstrong shares what he discovered in a nifty piece of detective work, verified by Patchlink themselves.

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