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28 Sep 2007
Configuring a Xen VM for Live Migration within a Cluster
Jason Record shows you how to configure a Xen Virtual Machine (VM) resource for live migration.

27 Jul 2007
Recovering a Lost LVM Volume Disk
Jason Record explains how to restore LVM meta data and provides several examples of the recovery process.

21 Jun 2007
Troubleshooting the SLES10 Boot Process
Jason Record has provided a quick reference guide to narrow down the cause of a failed boot and get the server back up as quickly as possible. It is based on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10.

06 Sep 2006
NCS Volume Resource Validation Tool
Checks eDirectory object associations for NCS volume resources on OES Linux.

01 Jun 2005
AppNote: Migrating an Existing SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 System to RAID1
Jason Record shows us how to get our SUSE Linux Enterprise Servers using a RAID 1 system.

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