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17 May 2006
eGuide Customization
eGuide expert John Peacock shares some cool insights on customizing your eGuide application, complete with sample code excerpts.

19 Apr 2006
eGuide Logo Customization Tips
Here are some easy guidelines you can use to customize logos via eGuide, courtesy of John Peacock.

12 Apr 2006
Adding Phone Extensions in eGuide
Adding a telephone extension field in eGuide may be trickier than it seems at first. eGuide expert John Peacock lends a hand with this practical tip.

20 Jul 2005
eGuide Q&A Session
Here are somely tips on eGuide customization you'll want to check out. They're in the form of a Q&A session by Cool Solutions contributor John Peacock. Enjoy!

13 Jul 2005
eGuide Display Screens based on User Login
Cool Solutions contributor John Peacock shares an approach to setting up different eGuide screens based on user login.

08 Jun 2005
Preserving Customized Styles in eGuide
When you upgrade versions in eGuide, don't throw away those customizations you worked so hard on. With a little work (and this tip from John Peacock) you can keep them working and handy.

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