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Douglas Glenn

A Bit About Douglas

Doug is an IT Professional with 18+ years experience with software, hardware and networking. He first picked up programming to resolve an issue when he could not find a tool to do the job, and he has been writing utilities ever since. He likes to assist other LAN Administrators and Desktop Support personnel with his donated utilities.

The Complete Works of Douglas

21 Jan 2006
Hotfix Installer 3.0e
Install Hotfixes for Office, Windows, IE and more with one app object.

21 Jan 2006
Run Remote - GUI for PSEXEC
GUI for PSEXEC from System Internals. SOX Compatible.

03 Apr 2003
NTRights 1.2
Grant group, file rights or registry rights from settings in the NTRIGHTS.INI file.

18 Dec 2002
Client Conflicts during Upgrade
Doug shares a snafu he ran into while upgrading from ZEN 3 to ZEN 3.2, and his nifty workaround.

18 Dec 2002
Enable ZENworks Logging on Desktop
Heads Up: Don't miss this cool new free tool. It enables debugging options for NAL and ZEN. Great tool for those who need to enable debugging logs for tech support who feel uneasy editing the registry.

03 Dec 2002
NAL Registry Log Creation
To enable ZENworks debugging information for NAL.

02 Dec 2002
Removing Outlook
Need an easy way to remove Outlook using ZENworks? Here's a tidbit from Doug Glenn.

21 Nov 2002
Grant or Revoke Win2K Rights with NTRIGHTS 1.2
Heads Up: In case you haven't seen it yet, be sure to check out this new Free Tool. Give you all kinds of power...

12 Nov 2002
Temporarily Elevate MSI Install Privileges
Doug Glenn shares two utilities that should be of help in MSI installations. This solution removes the need to set the policy to allow MSI to AlwaysInstallElevated, (which opensa security hole).

16 Sep 2002
MSI Utility
Avoid pushing out a policy to elevate the MSI installer.

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