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David Crouse

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A Bit About David

David founded the USA Linux Users Group, ( in 2003 and has also started several other web sites that relate to Linux as well. Most notable are in 2006, in 2005, and several others keep him occupied. By day, he is a mild mannered Office Manager, and by night a self-taught Linux geek who stays awake late into the night coding bash scripts, reading books to review, and administering web sites.
He is very passionate about helping those new to Linux succeed.

The Complete Works of David

14 Feb 2007
BASH: cool functions for your .bashrc file
Weather, stock, translate, and define functions for your .bashrc.file.

23 Oct 2006
Bash - Making use of your .bashrc file
A sample .bashrc file.

10 Oct 2006
Bash Batch Image Processing Script
Manipulate entire directories of images all at once.

05 Oct 2006
Bash - Simple Phone Book using kdialog
A simple bash phone book with GUI interface.

11 Sep 2006
(B)(A)sh (P)honebook (S)cript
Quick bash phonebook.

11 Sep 2006
Bash - Floating Point Math at the Shell
Your bash shell can be your calculator.

08 Sep 2006
BBIPS - Command Line Utilities
Bash scripts to manipulate entire directories of images.

27 Mar 2006
Bash - Make PDF
Create a PDF file from several scanned images.

14 Mar 2006
Making your computer talk to you is fun.

10 Mar 2006
Bash Interactive Clipboard Script
A clipboard for your bash shell.

09 Mar 2006
Bash Passphrase Encryption
Reads input from text editor and encrypts to screen.

08 Jun 2005
The tn5250j Client Working with AS400
Need to get the n5250j Client working with AS400? Dave Crouse shows us how to do this.

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