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The Complete Works of Talekar

18 Jun 2007
Process Heap Viewer
Tool to efficiently enumerate process heaps on Windows.

07 Mar 2007
Determining the Type of Directory Server on a Remote System
You can easily find out the type of directory server running on remote system, thanks to this tip from Talekar Nagareshwar.

28 Feb 2007
Quick Way to Detect the iFolder Version
You can find out the iFolder version on a machine without logging on to it, thanks to this tip from Talekar Nagareshwar.

21 Feb 2007
Vista UAC Maker Console
Console tool to make your applications Vista UAC compliant easily.

21 Feb 2007
Change File Time stamp
Tool to change the time stamp of file on windows platform.

21 Feb 2007
Detecting the iManager Version
Talekar Nagareshwar has a simple method for finding out what version of iManager a remote machine is using.

12 Feb 2007
Process Net Monitor
Tool to monitor the network activities of the process.

18 Jan 2007
Linux iManager Plugin Uninstaller
Quickly uninstall the iManager plugins on Linux platform.

17 Jan 2007
Detecting Plug-ins Installed in iManager
Talekar Nagareshwar shows how to quickly and easily detect whether a given plug-in is installed in iManager - without logging in to iManager first.

10 Jan 2007
Configuring Certificates for iManager Plug-ins
In this AppNote, Talekar Nagareshwar demonstrates a quick and easy way to configure the certificates needed for your iManager plug-ins.

08 Jan 2007
NSL Cache Cleaner
Cleanup NSL cache from the local workstation.

08 Jan 2007
Linux iManager Plugin Installer
Quickly install iManager plugins on Linux platform.

05 Jan 2007
NetWare Control Tomcat
Control the Tomcat server on NetWare machine.

05 Jan 2007
Linux Control Tomcat
Program to control the Tomcat server on Linux machine.

05 Jan 2007
System Manager
Manage various system tasks at one place.

03 Jan 2007
Verify Certificate
Verify the SSL certificate present on local host or directory server.

31 Dec 2006
Certificate Scanner
Scan the entire network for verification of SSL certificate.

30 Dec 2006
View Directory Certificate
Remotely view the SSL certificate on directory server.

30 Dec 2006
Export Certificate
Download certificate from directory server to local machine.

30 Dec 2006
Configure Password for eDirectory Users
Change/reset passwords for large number of users in eDirectory.

30 Dec 2006
NetWare Detector
Remotely detect the version and other information about NetWare system.

30 Dec 2006
Win Service Manager
Manage all aspects of Windows services at one point.

18 Dec 2006
iFolder Detector
Remotely detect the version of iFolder.

13 Dec 2006
Manage Users
Create or delete large number of users from eDirectory.

13 Dec 2006
eDir Locator
Locate eDirectory version remotely.

13 Dec 2006
Alternative Method of Installing Plugins for iManager
In this AppNote, Talekar Nagareshwar explains an easy way to get your plug-ins installed in iManager.

12 Dec 2006
Automatically import certificate from eDirectory into local key store for iManager plugins to communicate over SSL.

11 Dec 2006
iManager Plugins Lister
List all the plugins installed on iManager remotely.

08 Dec 2006
PcproxID Checker
Check if the pcProx ID for the user is set properly.

07 Dec 2006
Configure Certificate
Configure certificate for NSL LDAP client to work with non-eDirectory servers.

06 Dec 2006
Configure LDAP Server
Configure LDAP Server properties remotely.

06 Dec 2006
Replacing the LDAP Client DLL in SecureLogin
Nagareshwar Talekar knows a quicker way to get the LDAP CLient DLL replaced in SecureLogin - no uninstall, no floppy boot, etc.

05 Dec 2006
Enabling/Disabling SSO for NSL in Internet Explorer
Novell's Nagareshwar Talekar shares a tip for getting SSO to work with SecureLogin when you're using Internet Explorer.

04 Dec 2006
Net Share Monitor
Monitor your shared folders from intruders and protect your system against network viruses.

01 Dec 2006
NSL iManager Snapins Detector
Detect the NSL snapins installed on iManager remotely.

01 Dec 2006
iManager Detector
Remotely detect the version of iManager.

30 Nov 2006
Vista UAC Maker
Make your applications Vista UAC compliant easily.

30 Nov 2006
Resolving Install/uninstall Plugin Problem with iManager
Talekar Nagareshwar explains how to use the iManagerPluginInstaller tool to resolve the install/uninstall plugin problems associated with iManager.

29 Nov 2006
BHO Remover
Remove unwanted browser helper plugin objects from your system.

27 Nov 2006
Directory Server Scanner
Remotely detect type of directory servers running on machines.

27 Nov 2006
Uninstall PcProx
Uninstall pcProx from the system without uninstalling NSL.

27 Nov 2006
NSL Config Manager
Configure the NSL settings with one application.

16 Nov 2006
iManager Plugin Installer
Automated iManager plugin installer for iManager running on all platforms.

15 Nov 2006
NSL Log Manager
Application to manage the log settings for NSL components.

31 Aug 2006
Close Explorer Windows
Application to close all Explorer windows.

04 Aug 2006
Automatically import certificate from eDirectory server into local store.

30 May 2006
Remote DLL Injection Application
Inject/remove the DLL into/from the remote process to aid in removing spyware and in testing individual library components.

23 May 2006
pcProx Card Reader
Desktop application to read the HID card ID from pcProx Reader.

10 Jun 2005
AppNote: Configuring Active Directory to Allow Anonymous Queries for NSL LDAP Client
This AppNote from Talekar Nagareshwar explains how to configure Active Directory to allow anonymous queries. The permissions you need to give for anonymous users and how to set these permissions are explained in detail, from a SecureLogin perspective.

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