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05 Dec 2007
Cool Blog: Driver Usage Paradigm
In this Cool Blog, Aaron Burgemeister describes the "light-bulb" experience he had with the IDM Resource Kit and driver usage.

14 Nov 2007
Mass Updates to Individual Trustee Assignments
Aaron Burgemeister explains how to change the individual trustee assignments, en masse ...

31 Oct 2007
Using ndsconfig with eDirectory Installs
Aaron Burgemeister shares a few insights on using the ndsconfig utility when installing eDirectory.

24 Oct 2007
Understanding Replicas in eDirectory
Aaron Burgemeister gets down to the basics of replicas and how they work in eDirectory.

17 Oct 2007
Testing for Supported Cryptographic Functions
Aaron Burgemeister shares a cool Perl script that helps you determine which cryptographic technologies are supported on certain servers.

10 Oct 2007
Cool Blog: TAO Files and Drivers
In this Cool Blog, Aaron Burgemeister unravels the ancient mysteries of TAO ...

19 Sep 2007
Understanding Unrestricted Access in iManager/RBS
Aaron Burgemeister explains the notion of "unrestricted access" with iManager and RBS.

12 Sep 2007
Outputting Audit Query Results to a Web Page
You can get your Audit query results posted to a web page, thanks to this tip from Aaron Burgemeister.

29 Aug 2007
Installer for Password Synchronization Filters on AD - IDM Tested Version: 3.5.0
This script installs Password Synchronization filters into a Microsoft Active Directory environment.

24 Aug 2007
This script is made to test networking hardware and software in a simple way by verifying packets travel reliably across the network.

22 Aug 2007
Scrubbing eDirectory 8.8 on Linux
Aaron Burgemeister explains how to delete instances of eDirectory on Linux.

08 Aug 2007
Active Directory Driver Basics
This AppNote by Aaron Burgemeister provides a comprehensive guide to getting the Microsoft Active Directory (MAD) driver working smoothly with Identity Manager.

01 Aug 2007
Upgrading to IDM 3.5 with Multiple eDirectory Instances
Aaron Burgemeister shares tips and strategies for upgrading IDM when you have multiple instances of eDirectory that you are running.

25 Jul 2007
Password Complexity Auditing Driver
Prints out a .csv file that describe the properties of objects' passwords without actually showing the passwords.

18 Jul 2007
Using Multiple Servers for Driversets
Aaron Burgemeister shars some advice on assigning multiple servers to an Identity Manager driverset.

20 Jun 2007
Quick Setup for eDirectory and AD Synch with IDM
Here's a step-by-step guide for getting the setup done for eDirectory and AD synchronization, courtesy of Aaron Burgemeister.

13 Jun 2007
WorkOrder Details
In this AppNote, Aaron Burgemeister explains the inner "workings" of the WorkOrder driver, complete with tree design strategies, code samples, and test details.

06 Jun 2007
Removing eDirectory 8.8 Instances
Aaron Burgemeister shares a simple process for clearing out separate instances of eDirectory 8.8 on a server.

30 May 2007
Synchronization with the Remote Loader on the Domain Controller
If you're synchronizing eDirectory with AD, using the Remote Loader on the Domain Controller is a good idea, as Aaron Burgemeister explains.

23 May 2007
Cool Blog: Workorder Introduction
In this Cool Blog, Novell's Aaron Burgemeister gives you a first-hand look at the strange and wonderful world of the new IDM WorkOrder driver.

09 May 2007
Beyond the "Three-of-Four" Policy with NMAS
Looking to get more than the typical "three of four" password security policy? Aaron Burgemeister shows you how the new version of NMAS can meet your needs.

11 Apr 2007
ConsoleOne, iManager, and Universal Password
Aaron Burgemeister and Marcel Cox answer questions about using ConsoleOne and iManager to administer Universal Password.

04 Apr 2007
Setting Up UIDs in iManager based on CN Values
Aaron Burgemeister shows us how to get UIDs assigned for users in iManager, based on their CN values.

03 Apr 2007
Placing New Groupwise Accounts in Two PO Objects, by Name, with IDM
Here's a tip from Aaron Burgemeister that helps you use Identity Manager to put a new GroupWise account into two different Post Office objects.

14 Mar 2007
Setting Up Admin Container Rights
Aaron Burgemeister has some advice for getting admin rights set up in your tree, with consideration for roles and drivers.

07 Mar 2007
Creating/Modifying Groups using an LDAP Command Line
Aaron Burgemeister shares a quick solution for adding or changing eDirectory groups from an LDAP command line.

03 Mar 2007
Perl-coded script designed to backup eDirectory on Linux or Solaris.

28 Feb 2007
Forcing Global Password Changes on NetWare 6.5 Server
Aaron Burgemeister shows how to use an LDIF file to force a password change for users on a NetWare 6.5 server.

12 Feb 2007
LDAP Count Script
This script is useful for benchmarking, performance testing, and debugging.

07 Feb 2007
Delimited Text Driver for Exporting Passwords from eDirectory to a File
If you need to export passwords from eDirectory to a file, proceed with caution - and check out this Delimited Text Driver solution from Aaron Burgemeister.

10 Jan 2007
LUM-enabling eDirectory Users
Novell's Aaron Burgemeister provides detailed instructions for getting your eDirectory users LUM-enabled on Linux systems.

08 Nov 2006
Audit and Multiple eDirectory 8.8 Instances
If you run multiple eDirectory 8.8 instances, getting instrumentation to show up properly can be a bit tricky. Novell's Aaron Burgemeister has some suggestions ...

06 Nov 2006
Conversion Test Script
Learn ascii/hex/octal/decimal conversions for the most-common characters used in ASCII.

11 Oct 2006
IDM 3 AD to eDir Driver Errors -9024 and -9065
If IDM errors -9024 and -9065 are getting you down, try these suggestions from Novell's Aaron Burgemeister.

23 Aug 2006
ConsoleOne or eDirectory - Which First?
Novell's Aaron Burgemeister shares some insights on installing eDirectory and ConsoleOne - and getting port 524 working right.

19 Jul 2006
Overriding Password Policies
Novell's Aaron Burgemeister shares his thoughts on the basics of overriding password policies.

28 Jun 2006
How to Monitor an IDM Driver for Activity
How do you know if your IDM driver is still running? Novell's Aaron Burgemeister explains two proactical ways to get that information.

21 Jun 2006
LDAP Sort Order
How does LDAP sort order relate to eDirectory sort order? Aaron Burgemeister lends a few thoughts on the question ...

26 Apr 2006
Bulk Deletion of Linux Profile Data
Here are some practical tips on doing bulk deletions of user objects in Linux, shared by Justin Grote and Aaron Burgemeister.

26 Apr 2006
Migrating a Client from an NNLS1 / SLES8 Server to OES
Novell's Aaron Burgemeister explains how to do an indirect migration of a client from NNLS / SLES8 to OES.

26 Apr 2006
Counting LDAP Connections
Curious about how many persistent LDAP connections are active on your server? Here's a tip from Novell's Aaron Burgemeister that adds them up.

29 Mar 2006
Preventing Password Changes from Applications
When an application originates a password change, that can be an issue. Novell's Aaron Burgemeister shares an IDM policy that vetoes password-changing operations from apps.

29 Mar 2006
Synchronizing an Expired Password with Active Directory
If you're using Active Directory and eDirectory, here's an IDM policy that make your expired password synchronization a bit easier. It's courtesy of Novell's Aaron Burgemeister.

23 Mar 2006
LUM Driver for Identity Manager
Novell's Aaron Burgemeister shares an IDM loopback driver that's designed to LUM-enable users as they make it into the filter.

09 Mar 2006
Keeping Passwords Out of Viewable History
In Linux and Unix, history can come back to haunt you. Find out why and what you can do about it, in this tip from Novell's Aaron Burgemeister.

01 Mar 2006
LDAP Benchmarking Script
Wouldn't it be nice if there were a Perl script that could do LDAP performance benchmarking? Well, there is - and it's here. Thanks to Novell's Aaron Burgemeister for sharing it with us.

01 Mar 2006
About Effective Rights
How far down the tree are effective rights calculated? Here are a few insights on the question, courtesy of Aaron Burgemeister.

15 Feb 2006
Sending an E-mail on Account-Disabled
Novell's Aaron Burgemeister shares a way to automatically send a notification message when a user account is disabled.

15 Feb 2006
Disabling a User after Intruder Lockout
Here's another tip from Aaron Burgemeister - this one helps you prevent a locked-out intruder from trying passwords against another system with synchronized passwords.

01 Feb 2006
Getting Started with Password Policies
Interested in getting started with Password Policies? Novell's Aaron Burgemeister shares the why's and how-to's of getting a Password Policy up and running, using iManager.

14 Dec 2005
TKInfo Tool
Script that creates four reports for monitoring information about keys.

14 Dec 2005
Finding Duplicate GUIDs
Duplicate GUIDs can be a pain! Novell's Aaron Burgemeister shares a cool Perl script that can track down those annoying critters so you can fix them. *Now updated with some helpful background information ... *

09 Nov 2005
Bulk Load Test-User Generator
Novell's Aaron Burgemeister shares a cool LDIF utility that creates, modifies, renames, and deletes groups of test users, on Linux, UNIX, NetWare, and Windows.

13 Jul 2005
More about DSRepair
eDirectory experts Jim Henderson and Aaron Burgemeister share some insights on DSRepair and how to use it more wisely.

22 Jun 2005
About Mobile iManager
Since it's fairly new, some of you may be wondering what Mobile iManager is all about. Here's a perspective from Aaron Burgemeister on what it does for you and why it's a great product.

24 Mar 2005
TKInfo Tool
*Update: - Newest TKInfo script* Do you really know what's going on with your tree keys? Wonder no more - Novell's Aaron Burgemeister shares a handy script that generates four useful reports about keys and synchronization.

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