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31 Jan 2007
Managing eDirectory Objects with LDAP Commands
For those new to using LDAP commands with eDirectory, this tip by Donald Lohr should prove quite useful.

19 Jul 2006
Creating UIDs for Older User Objects
User objects that have been around for quite a while may not have unique IDs. Donald Lohr explains a straightforward way of using LDAP utilities to add those IDs.

12 Jul 2006
eDirectory and SNMP - Down and Dirty
Command-line isn't pretty, but it gets the job done - especially in SNMP utilities for eDirectory. Kudos to Don Lohr for this practical how-to approach on monitoring LDAP and eDirectory items via SNMP.

14 Jun 2006
Universal Password and LDAP
Don Lohr sheds some light on using Universal Password (and NDS and Simple passwords) in an LDAP setting.

15 Sep 2005
Changing a Simple Password on Windows, via CIFS
Here's a tip from Donald Lohr that helps you change a simple password on Windows, via CIFS and local authentication.

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