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A Bit About Pam

Pam has worked for Novell for the past 14 years, all of which has been spent in Technical Support. She has spent the last 5 years acting as the backline contact into Novell for the group of Sysops that we have currently answering questions for us in the public forums. Her product specialities are GroupWise, GroupWise Messenger, iPrint, NDPS, Legacy Printing, NetWare and Novell Client for Windows. She enjoys reading, needlework and taking long rides on her ATV.

The Complete Works of Pam

28 Jul 2005
Enable the InstantMessagingID Field in eGuide with the GroupWise Messenger User ID
Want to display your Instant Messaging ID in your eGuide record? Piece of cake. Pam Robello tells all.

28 Jul 2005
Taking advantage of some of the new GroupWise 7 WebAccess features while still running GroupWise 6.5
If you're not quite ready to upgrade your system to GroupWise 7, your users can still start using some of the cool features that have been added to GroupWise WebAccess. (Can you say, Drag and Drop?) Come see how to set it up.

07 Apr 2005
How To Move Print Jobs from One iPrint Printer To Another
Do you have an iPrint printer that is off line? Do you need to quickly know how to move those jobs to another printer? Check out this tip.

07 Apr 2005
How to Have an iPrint Printer Service a Legacy Print Queue
Do you have legacy print queues that still need to be serviced? You can configure a Legacy print queue to be serviced by an iPrint printer. This would be beneficial for a site that's in the process of upgrading/converting to iPrint printers while still having Legacy print queues in place.

15 Mar 2005
How to Send Messages to a GroupWise Distribution List via LDAP
GroupWise distribution lists can be used by mail clients other than GroupWise. Suppose you're in a bind and need to get important information out to everyone on a particular GroupWise distribution list, but you don't have access to GroupWise. By completing the steps in this document now, you will be prepared to handle the situation.

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