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03 Nov 2005
BorderManager Single Sign-On for Linux
Tired of running SSL on your Linux machine to log in to your BorderManger proxy? Now you can run Single Sign-On, thanks to the latest NBM 3.8 patch. Product expert Jennifer Bitondo explains how ...

28 Sep 2005
What you need to know about BM3RMALL.NLM
If you ever have to run BM3RMALL, here's some great advice that will help you recover quickly and be on your way.

02 Aug 2005
Where are my users in iFolder 3.0?
The iFolder 3.0 plugin makes managing your users much easier than in previous versions of iFolder, but it takes a little getting used to. Jenn Bitondo explains how to add new users to iFolder 3.0, and how to get your other users to show up as well.

25 May 2005
If iManager 2.5 Will not Start, Try This
After upgrading to iManager 2.5, if you have trouble getting it to startup, here's what you do.

18 May 2005
Novell Radius not working with NSM
Here's the secret to getting Novell Security Manager working with Radius.

16 May 2005
Moving iFolder Data to Another Server
This will help you move your iFolder data from one server to another with the least amount of impact to your users.

11 May 2005
Password Manager (PWM) v1.0.2 for iChain
PWM is a password management servlet with iChain integration features, suitable for handling expired passwords with iChain, and other scenarios. Check out the latest improvements.

21 Apr 2005
BorderManager and Novell Security Manager Site-to-Site VPN
Learn how to set up a Novell Security Manager as a BorderManager VPN slave.

20 Apr 2005
Saved Login Feature in iManager 2.5
What happened to the Saved Login Feature in iManager 2.5? Here's the scoop.

04 Apr 2005
New Field Patch for iChain (ic23fp3a.exe)
Here's a quick overview of what's in the iChain 2.3 Field Patch 3a.

17 Mar 2005
New on
You must have these updates for iManager for Nsure Identity Manager and Password Management.

16 Mar 2005
NetWare 6.5 SP3 and Virtual Office
If you have VO installed here is some information you MUST know before updating your 6.5 server to SP3.

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