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09 Feb 2007
Converting SLES and SLED Evaluations to Paid-for Subscriptions
Rick Holzer explains how a customer can convert a SLES or SLED system from being registered as an Evaluation copy to a paid-for subscription.

08 Feb 2007
High performance Compute pricing for SLES 9
Novell offers special pricing for customers that are going to use SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) in the context of a High Performance Compute cluster (HPC). Get the details here.

25 Aug 2006
Getting All the Benefits of your SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 Eval Software
Here is a roadmap to getting free SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 Eval software plus all the benefits that Novell offers with the test drive.

05 Dec 2005
Business Class (SLES & NLD) Vs. Consumer Class (SUSE Linux)
Name similarities and name changes have left some wondering which Novell Linux product is best suited for their. Here is a quick review of the differences.

10 Nov 2005
Troubleshooting Free Evals
Rick has provided some troubleshooting tips for the Novell free evals.

03 Nov 2005
Patches, Fixes, and Updates for SLES 9
Here is some information to help you follow up with upgrade protection.

20 Oct 2005
SUSE versus Red Hat for Support
Find out exactly what support is available with the purchase of SUSE compared to Red Hat.

13 Oct 2005
Where to Get SUSE Linux
Novell SUSE ships a new version of SUSE Linux every six months. You have let us know you want to know the differences between versions and where to get them. This article is just for you.

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