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15 Feb 2006
Running iManager 2.6 on 64-bit Opteron
Novell's Jeff Crow provides another angle for getting iManager 2.6 to run on Opteron with SLES 9.

21 Dec 2005
Installing iManager 2.6: Windows server with IIS / GroupWise 7 WebAccess
You've installed iManager 2.6 but you get the "Unable to start Tomcat" error - so what next? Novell's Jeff Crow comes to the rescue with this workaround.

29 Sep 2005
Installing iManager after Renaming a Tree
If you rename your tree at some point, don't forget this timely tip from Novell's Jeff Crow to keep your iManager software running smoothly.

13 Jul 2005
Running iManager 2.5 on SLES 9 64-bit Opteron Systems
If you were wishing there were a way to run iManager on a 64-bit SLES system, this is your lucky day. Novell's Jeff Crow shares the steps to get iManager up and running on one of these systems.

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