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Rob Aronson

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A Bit About Rob

Rob Aronson is a Senior Engineer and Practice Manager for Novacoast. Rob's been a Novell devotee since he built his first NetWare 2.15 LAN back in 89'. Since then he's been a Master CNE/Master CNI, a Novell SE, and owned his own Gold Reseller. Rob is expert in GroupWise, ZENworks, eDirectory, Novell Cluster Services, and rapidly coming up to speed on SUSE.

The Complete Works of Rob

11 Jul 2006
Troubleshooting GW High Availability
Can't get the GroupWise High Availability feature working? This tip from Rob Aronson may be what you need to get going.

25 Apr 2006
Handling User Deletions with GroupWise Notify
When a user in a Notify list is removed from the system, Notify may fail to launch. Get the fix here, from Novacoast's Rob Aronson.

07 Feb 2006
Redirecting GW Users to the WebAccess Page
Rob Aronson from Novacoast shows you how to automatically redirect users to the GroupWise 7 WebAccess page.

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