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Richard van Kampen

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A Bit About Richard

Richard started programming in Basic as a 14-year old on a Commodore-64 in 1987 and has been using Linux since 1997. After being a web designer and design consultant (both as an employee and self-employed) he currently works in the health care sector and studies health psychology at The Open University, which is a great university if only for the fact that they promptly changed an 'Internet Explorer Only' part of their web site into a more standards compliant one.

The Complete Works of Richard

30 May 2006
Print Costs 2.4.0
Find out how many pages each user has printed and printing costs per user.

22 Aug 2005
DVD back-up script with installer and command line options
Script for easy creation of recurring backups to DVD, by user or cron daemon.

11 Aug 2005
Converting a PDF to a text file
Ever received a PDF file that you wished you could just copy and paste into another document? pdftotext is the file for you.

25 Jul 2005
Homecleaner 1.0.2
Script to remove automatically generated backup files from your home directory.

25 Jul 2005
Space Replace 1.0.1
Script to replace all spaces in file and directory names in a given directory (even recursive if you want).

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