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The Complete Works of Justin

16 Aug 2006
Have You Heard This One-Liner?
No joke - this code snippet from Justin Grote could help you find and manage users in an AD tree.

21 Jun 2006
Running Multiple eDirectory Trees on SUSE 9
Here's a tip from Justin Grote that helps you get multiple instances of eDirectory all starting at boot time.

18 May 2006
Setting up Open Enterprise Server as a Primary Domain Controller
Justin Grote explains how to set up Open Enterprise Server to allow Samba to authenticate against the eDirectory Universal Password.

18 May 2006
Moving iManager to its own Virtual Host on OES Linux
This article from Justin Grote details the process of setting up an application inside its own Apache Virtual Host on OES Linux, using iManager as an example.

03 May 2006
PKIDiag on Linux - Recreating Server Certificates
Can you run PKIDiag on Linux? No, but you can do the PKIDiag tasks on Linux, thanks to this solution from Justin Grote.

26 Apr 2006
Bulk Deletion of Linux Profile Data
Here are some practical tips on doing bulk deletions of user objects in Linux, shared by Justin Grote and Aaron Burgemeister.

18 Jul 2005
Perform Remote SUSE Installations With Virtual Network Computing
Aaron Gresko and Justin Grote explain how to install SUSE Linux over a VNC connection.

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