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Rob Schneider

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A Bit About Rob

Rob is Director of Identity and Access Management at HyperX Systems in Chicago. He has been working with e-Directory since the days of Netware 4.0, and IDM since version 1.1. He devotes most of his work-time to domestic and international Identity Management consulting for large organizations. Rob devotes his free-time to family, woodworking (currently building an acoustic guitar) and pursuit of the elusive "improved golf game."

The Complete Works of Rob

21 Nov 2007
General-Purpose Relational Integrity Rules for IDM
This AppNote by Rob Schneider describes an approach to maintain relational integrity between the user and job data commonly referenced by Identity Manager.

07 Nov 2007
Dredging for Inactive Accounts
Rob Schneider shares a practical approach for locating inactive user accounts in Identity Manager.

05 Sep 2007
Creating a Unique CN from the IDM UserApp
Rob Schneider adds a twist to Rudy Duym's AppNote, helping you compare a CN against all those in a tree.

31 Jan 2007
Tips for Synchronizing Groups with AD
Rob Schneider shares a few tips on getting eDirectory and Microsoft AD to play nicely together, when it comes to synchronizing users in Groups.

03 Jan 2007
Doing a Mass Modify after User Add Operations
Rob Schneider shares a Word macro that takes the hassle out of doing modifications after an ICE or LDIF user import.

12 Apr 2006
Preventing AD Synchronization at Startup
Rob Schneider explains how to prevent startup AD synchronization in certain cases.

17 Aug 2005
Dynamic Groups and IDM
Cool Solutions reader Robert Schneider shows us a novel way to use pseudo-dynamic groups in IDM that can be used to deploy ZENworks applications.

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