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Henny van der Ben

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13 Oct 2005
Document Your NetWare 6.5 Installation
Henny van der Ben shares a template he uses to document his NetWare 6.5 installations. It walks you through the NetWare installation process and prompts you for your settings as you install it.

05 Oct 2005
Workstation Imaging
Henny van der Ben details an all-in-one solution that lets you distribute a standard installation of Windows XP Pro on new and existing workstations, lets you recover the system easily in event of failure, and and automate installation with the complete driver set needed for a particular workstation.

29 Sep 2005
Scripts for Imaging
Check out this outstanding new article from Henny van der Ben, in which he explains how to use your own imaging scripts, without having to update the linux files each time they change. One update is all that's needed, and then the scripts can be changed any time you like. If imaging is part of your job, you're going to love this one.

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