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25 Sep 2007
Using GroupWise Mail and Calendar on Non-Novell Portals
Kevin Hurni explains how to get your GroupWise mail and calendar features working on non-Novell portals.

24 Jan 2007
Renewing Challenge/Response Data Administratively
Kevin Hurni shares a way to administratively reset the answers for a user's challenge/response questions, via ConsoleOne.

24 Jan 2007
Firefox Bug in iManager
Here's a workaround for a Firefox bug that causes iManager pages to display incorrectly. Thanks to Kevin Hurni for the heads up ...

31 Aug 2005
Single Sign-On to Citrix Web Interface 4.0 using eDirectory Authentication
Kevin Hurni explains how to Single Sign-on to the Citrix Web Interface 4.0 that is configured to use eDirectory authentication. He also provided an example of the form fill policy he used.

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