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A Bit About Eric

Eric Champagne is a Certified Novell Engineers in Quebec, Canada. He's has worked for Adaris Technologies for many years as a consultant and now is acting as a team coordinator for them.

His principal fields are NetWare, OES, ZENworks, GroupWise and BorderManager and he works with many other Novell products. Eric has provided information solutions for many companies over the past 10 years, and we can always count on him to find a solution for networking problems.

The Complete Works of Eric

11 May 2007
Restarting NDS on OES Linux without the Novell Client Warning Message on Desktops
Eric Champagne shares a tip on how to restart NDS and not have the Novell Client prompt warning message on every desktop.

03 Jan 2007
Configure SLP DA and DHCP to Send to Option 78, 79 on OES Linux
Eric Champagne shares a tip on how to configure SLP DA and DHCP to send to option 78 and 79 on OES Linux.

30 Aug 2006
Configuration and Authentication for Proxy Squid
Careful - there may be a proxy squid sitting next to you - and if you'd like to configure it for NDS Proxy authentication, Eric Champagne has the recipe ...

06 Apr 2006
Tomcat 4 Won't Start after Installing a New Package
Eric Champagne shares a solution for a problem he had with Tomcat not starting after he installed a new package.

31 Aug 2005
Configuring FreeRADIUS on Open Enterprise Server for Linux
Eric Champagne explains how to configure FreeRADIUS on OES Linux with LDAP authentication and Linksys WRT54G.

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