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Akos Szechy
CNE, MCNE, CLP, CLE and CLE9 (and an ex-CDE :-)

items published: 13
points earned: 3,075
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A Bit About Akos

Akos has been with Novell since 1999. He was working as a Consultant and since January, 2005 he is supporting eDirectory and IDM with Novell Technical Services in EMEA.

The Complete Works of Akos

30 May 2007
Counting LDAP Searches and Binds
How many LDAP searches or binds are you doing these days? Akos Szechy shows us how to add up the score ...

28 Mar 2007
Counting Users per Container
If you need to know how many users are in a given container, this quick tip from Akos Szechy can get you started ...

31 Jan 2007
Error: No Instance for eDirectory Server is Configured
Novell's Akos Szechy provides a workaround for a missing instances file in eDirectory.

20 Sep 2006
Building an IDM 3 Test Environment using eDirectory 8.8 Multi-Instances
Novell's Akos Szechy brings the worlds of IDM 3 and eDirectory 8.8 together, focusing on multi-instance support in a test environment.

28 Jun 2006
Restoring Server References
Getting that empty feeling in a root context is not a happy thing. Novell's Akos Szechy shows how to restore server references after a partition crash.

21 Jun 2006
Inheritance with Universal Password
Novell's Akos Szechy explains how password policy inheritance works with Universal Password.

10 May 2006
DSRepair - Cross-Platform Functions
This quick-guide article by Novell's Akos Szechy helps you run DSRepair effectively on Linux and Windows platforms.

19 Apr 2006
The Problem with NCP Protocol over NAT
Novell's Akos Szechy gives an inside look into the NCP protocol, and why is it not supported to use the Novell client and eDirectory over a NAT connection.

25 Jan 2006
Troubleshooting eDirectory 8.8 Installation
*Update* - If your eDirectory 8.8 install fails early on, you may have noticed that you can't re-install the same language version. Our eDirectory expert Akos Szechy shows you how to work around the problem so re-installation can be done.

28 Dec 2005
Solving Continuous Synchronization Problems
Novell's Akos Szechy lends a tip on how to solve continuous synchronization problems. The key is in finding the problematic timestamps in large log files.

07 Dec 2005
DSRepair in eDirectory Troubleshooting
You've heard of DSRepair, and you've probably used it - but how well do you really know it? Here's a look inside that popular and sometimes misunderstood eDirectory tool, courtesy of Novell's Akos Szechy.

16 Nov 2005
eDirectory Partition Operations - Part 2
Here's the second AppNote on eDirectory partition operations, by Novell's Akos Szechy.

09 Nov 2005
eDirectory Partition Operations - Part 1
Need some practical insights on handling replica and partition operations? Novell's Akos Szechy clears up the picture with this insightful Appnote - and stay tuned for his follow-up AppNote next week - eDirectory Partition Operations - Part 2 ...

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